Certain items are unobtainable on WotLK (Seemingly unintentionally)

I’m going to say this immediately. Currently, these drops are accurate to how they were in OG WotLK/TBC, but I believe had it been caught back then, it would have been considered a bug.

From what the community has found, several Vanilla items appear to have stopped dropping in TBC or Wrath, and Wowhead drop rates are currently confirming this, as the # of drops seen for these items have completed stagnated once these expansions launched (other items from these bosses are still going up, however)

With that established, these are the items that appear to have gone missing:

Incendic Bracers - Drops from Lord Incendius, appears to have been removed in TBC or WotLK, recently re-introduced in Retail’s Patch 10.1.7

Chillpike - Drops from Overlord Wyrmthalak, appears to have been removed in TBC, recently re-introduced in Retail’s Patch 10.1.7

Bonespike Shoulder - Drops from Rend Blackhand, appears to have been removed in TBC or WotLK, never re-introduced in Retail (It’s also a completely unique appearance)

Darkshade Gloves - Supposedly Drops from Jandice Barov, or did, at least. No confirmed drops across Classic Era, WotLK, or Retail’s Memory of Scholomance. May have existed in early Vanilla but was removed later?

Boots of the Fiery Sands - Drops from Ayamiss the Hunter, appears to have been removed in TBC, OG TBC made changes to make shaman/paladin gear drop for both factions (It didn’t previously), and this item seems to have been lost in the process. Re-introduced in Retail’s Patch 10.1.7.

With Cataclysm introducing transmog, it would be nice to see these items return to their drop tables. If this gets fixed, PLEASE post it in a hotfix or blue post somewhere. It is VERY difficult to prove an item is gone, and then without any notice, very hard to prove it’s back.

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Still probably missing, I’d guess.

Thanks for the interesting post, and the resurgence of old memories. I haven’t seen some of these items in years and years. I think some of these might see a return after all.