Certain Graphics Have Disappeared

Hi friends,

Ever since the latest update, I’ve started to experience an issue that has made certain Mythic+ dungeons either entirely or nearly unplayable. For some reason, some of the AoE graphics in dungeons have stopped appearing; for example, Craggy Fracture, Castigate, etc. in Sanguine Depths and Final Harvest in Necrotic Wake. On high keys getting hit by these is not an option.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? Nothing about my system has changed, and the game seems otherwise normal.

Make sure projected texutres are enabled.

If they are, you might need to repair the client, delete your World of Warcraft\retail\WTF\config.wtf file and redo your settings.

If none of that works, you need to make sure you’re on the latest GPU drivers.

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My aoe textures sometime flash on and off, while being more off than on. I remember back in BFA I had the same issue with my paladins consecration, but now in SL it’s different spells instead. Projected textures have been problematic for a while with this game.

This tends to be a driver issue much more than s game issue.

If the same issue reappears after numerous different drivers the game becomes sus.

  • Which card is it?
  • What driver version are you using?
  • Where’s your DxDiag?

There’s no actionable troubleshooting info in your post.


Drivers do get corrupted. That ends up being a huge part of the graphical issues.

Most of the time it is the end user system that is ‘sus.’


Thank you, that was the problem. I don’t know how it got disabled but oh well. Much appreciated.

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