Celebrate 19 Years of World of Warcraft!

wow 19th birthday


Why take off the best thing in game right now, BG Blitz?

yeah doom didnt know what hid em… atleast 100 horde and ally waiting on its spawn point.

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Only a small part of me felt bad for him …

One player asked if everyone should form a group and we all said it," Why Doomawalkers not gunna know what’s about to hit him this year" lol

I was in Spain on my 21st birthday (circa 2002) and they were selling alcohol to 16 year olds at McDonalds

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It appears to be back now. They added a separate option for Korrak’s Revenge.

Lil’ Frostwing is a tad feisty.

I think it’s got “small dragon syndrome”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


so yeah, Korrak’s is not good xp at all, in fact it is terrible.

I was going to level some alts through the 19th anniversary event. But you said NO! to that didn’t you?


I dunno, that map looks more like Archipelago of Warcraft, you even pushed the center of the world maelstrom off to the left side!

A lot of other countries don’t have the same alcohol problems as we do. Though uk is not great

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Is the mount drop from Doomwalker 100%? or am I just ridiculously lucky?
I did it on two different accounts, and got the mount first kill on each.

yes 100% even says it in article

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Yep. 100%. They supposedly moved the Illidari Doomhawk to the vendor down in the Caverns of time for 5k badges to make room for the Azure Worldchiller. However, as of an hour or so ago, it was not on the vendor like it should be.

It’s showing on the vendor for me.
I don’t have the time badges for it, I only got 504 left after I got the sunglasses, corgi , and mech dragon.
I hope theres a way to collect 4.5k badges before the event ends.

I noticed that too. They typically would do like a tapas thing where they would go from bar to bar and socialize, but not get wasted at one.

And they would stay out partying or just socializing till three in the morning. It was so hot here in the day being semi arid. It just was better to do things after like 6 o’clock in the summer.

And unlike the swamp and humidity we have here. It was really pleasant to sit outside and eat your food, and what not.

The girls and guys would go to the plaza and the girls would walk in one direction and the boys the other. Clockwise/counterclockwise.

I’m not a social person in the least very introverted and reserved. But living over there, I was more social than I ever been here.

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Well got the mount from the WB and already had Illidari Doomhawk so im done thank god

I thought the Emeriss fight would finally get reworked so it wasn’t such a pain to complete, but I guess not…


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That AI art picture though.

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You should see the others that it created. This was a close second

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