Celebrate 17 Years of World of Warcraft!

Yep, some people will do it but it won’t be as popular as it was the first time without the xp. I’m just looking forward to the new pet and 17% bonus xp gift


Just saying the mount had better be 100%…like how can you even fathom putting out a highly limited time event and not just give people the reward for participating? I swear it’s like the game is going backwards whereas before we got the stuff just for logging in, and then it was participating in fairly faceroll but still time consuming and not guaranteed to win raid, to now a potential RNG fest.


Alterac Valley of Olde! Making leveling fun again :laughing: Or will this be a nerfed xp version this time :thinking:

When have we heard this before in the preceding 17 years :roll_eyes:

Different ballpark this year.

Nobody knows what’ll happen.

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Happy 17th Anniversary! I’ve been here for almost 11 of them! May you have many more! :tada:


It will be the mount you have to type delete many times.

Not hard to get and alts if run here get it quick,

It’s not headless horseman rates lol

C’mon, man. If I want Halloween candy in November I buy extra in October. It’s also in no way comparable to limited time RNG drops. It’s not like the only way to get Halloween candy is to go to the store every day in October and hope there’s some randomly in my bag when I get home. You really gotta think these things through a bit more before you post them.


Happy Anniversary WoW/Blizzard.

I like these events, even if I can’t always do them I think they’re fun. Kind of a festive kind of deal.

And to all those who say “it’s the end”, I’d like you to know that every time you do that I get a visual of the 1st time I saw a man wearing sackcloth and a sandwich board sign that read “It’s the End” walking up and down the street, barefoot in December.

That’s what you sound like.

Have fun everyone.


Korrak’s Revenge? The one that gives amazing xp? :open_mouth: If not np, but if so wooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo

Be cool if they fix it so I can log in by then.

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then chug a xp potion, and slap on a DMF buff in the last day for something like 37% :thinking:

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Sorry I didn’t read down far enough. However the weapon is an axe not suited to casters at all.

The mount is not new I have it from back in the day when you bought it with rep from the Stormpike , it’s a pretty white ram with red and gold harnessing.


That’s the new mount you didn’t read the list correctly…


There is two Stormpike Rams…one you got from earning rep in AV that one is named Stormpike Battle Charger…that is rep one…the one your showing in picture is the Stormpike Battle Ram which is one from earning marks in Korrak’s Revenge in Alterac Valley of Olde and you need to earn 2000 timewrap badges to buy it. patch is when it was put in game…for the 15th Anniversary…the Battler Charger Ram was put in game patch long time ago. The Stormpike Battle Ram is not a Rep Mount.

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The article is incorrect. The Frostwolf Snarler is not a new mount. It is the same mount that was available in this event previously.

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Thank you, but I was referring to the Illidari Doomhawk.

Right Moomoose the Frostwolf Snarler and Stormpike Battle Charger you could buy either with 2000 Time warpped badges during they Alterac Valley of Olde completing the quest line during that event.

This is the exact quote:

Most folks won’t know until after a day, or two anyways. But yeah, if they nuke the xp this time, then it probably won’t be as popular. Especially, if folks already have the mounts from previous AV Of old events. I guess they did add a reskin dragonhawk mount. Mount collectors will be happy with that probably lol. With all the negative press they have been getting over the last few months, they would be smart to buff the xp like it was in the past, if they want to keep a lot of people happy with this anniversary event imo.

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