Celebrate 17 Years of World of Warcraft!

Amen to that

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Happy birthday, Warcraft. It’s been fun and I still find fun things to do. Hope you have many more!

Kind of glad its a Dragonhawk, now I won’t be disappointed if I never grab one~~~

Best of luck for those who do adore them though!


Almost all of it sounds fun, but a “chance” at items during a short, limited time event that will never happen again is, honestly, kinda dooky.


Really hoping the mount drops for me. I’ll be farming the world boss on my main and my various alts.

Wish however that the mount would be 100% drop rate for everyone and not a low chance for it to drop.


yay for finally adding akamas…kama.

recycled dragonhawk turned into a mount, recycled bc raid loot flagged as new and probably only drops for lvl 60s, what about those of us with armies of lvl 50 alts that dont give the slightest crap for shadowlands content? do we not get to farm the event rares/bosses ?

17 years of wow been here since 2006, since mists this game hasnt been worth it.


mumbles something about 17 years… what have I done with my life…


Ok. Now I feel old.


And yet, here you are being all edgy.


what is habit for 500 alex?

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Its not

Limited time things are limited time things

Do you complain to grocery stores when Halloween candy is not stocked in November?

YES! So fun.

I suppose it’s too much to hope that the nonsense amounts of XP might be restored to the classic anniversary version of AV?

It had me, who generally hates PVP but had fond memories of the original AV, digging in and doing the BG with a ton of alts to level them, and in a relatively short burst of insanity it was actually pretty fun. It gets people in there and participating, at least.

I discovered that playing a Kul Tiran and Haymaker-ing people off towers and building was perhaps the most hilarious and awesome thing that could ever be done.


Can you blame him?

The Endtimes comes for WoW and I don’t think it can survive it.

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Grats on 17, but will this game make it to 20?

I’m not liking the future outlook right now…


Nope, next year is the end, I can feel it this time, I’ve consulted a witchdoctor who rolled some chicken bones


I hope so but I doubt it :frowning_face:


Boring already have all.

No you don’t If you had read it correctly akamas weapon is a drop for this anniversary

There is also a new mount no one owns either

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Making this d.o.a. Well except for the 5 new players this picked up this year….you can’t not have the mounts.

Kav no xp not even a good honor farm. You can blow several random normal pugs out your butt and get more honor really.

Why I like mine cart pug. Its usually over quick. The question is you will be the one blowing out the score….or the blown out lol.

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