Celebrate 15 Years of World of Warcraft!

I do that twice a day at feeding time. Chaining LFR for the mount will probably be more fun. I hope.

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Well said!

Not when you keep getting a bugged rag.

Any chance you could fix the bug preventing people from selecting their role when they queue for the raid? I’m currently Blood specced, with tank selected as my role in Raid Finder, but when I talk to Chromie she queues me as DPS.

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least you can do the world bosses and not wait an hour que for each.

FYI - This is now live. :slight_smile:


And its broken


I got in after an hour and a half, only to find that the instance was bugged and we couldn’t get to the boss.

Then my Lil Nefarian pet became unsummonable. Yay.

“I think I will queue up for 15th Anniversary LFR.”
hours later is a dust covered corpse

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Here you go.

and heres the English translation:

buffed: When can we expect Patch 8.3 to be released?

Hazzikostas: We haven’t yet decided on that, as we first want to make sure that all of the content works as we intend. We also don’t want to release the patch too early because there are enough players that have yet to find their way into the Eternal Palace. What I can say is that the update won’t see release within the next couple weeks.

buffed: … perhaps not even within the remaining year?

Hazzikostas: That’s quite possible. A release early next year sound much more realistic.

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Currently stuck in Firelands on Ragnaros to this bug, appreciate the new times wasters!

Think we need some hotfixes here champ.

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Things being hard is overrated.

Easy is better.


The Obsidian Worldbreaker mount dissapears from your collection whenever you log out. Blizzard, plz. Also, the anniversary gift instantly completes the classic AV achievment if you open it in AV.

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That could be the title of a new xpac - World of Warcraft: Time Wasters!

On topic - was stuck in the Rag scenario had to drop grp, requeue, and after the second wipe we all came to an agreement to not move until everyone was TP’d into the scenario - it worked that way. Gotta love first day runs of things during an event. :slight_smile:

I think the internal test builds are a myth, they don’t exist

I don’t wanna be that guy but… your event is extremely buggy and its is frustrating for lot players who can’t enjoy this two month celebration. Maybe next time Ion should put this event on the PTR…we have that for a reason.

Celebrate with bugs!

Nefarian pet says locked.
Ragnaros is bugged.

And if you do manage to get the deathwing mount achieve, hey the mount will disappear when you log out!

Too bad I earned my mount and now it’s gone along with the pet and Blizzard has said absolutely nothing as to whether or not they are looking into this. Not only that but the anniversary fights are bugged beyond help and nothing has been said about that either. There’s really nothing to celebrate right now.

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Live without having been tested. Good job…

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