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Hello all, I’m Fruity. Currently 8/10M on Warrior with CE (no painsmith or fatescribe but have prog on them, guild doesn’t rekill). Recently I have decided to come back to play WoW. In WoD and Legion I played in a guild called DNOgaming and we achieved US 30th Blackhand, US 29th Archimonde and US 6th Xavius before I took a break due to IRL circumstances. I’m looking for a guild as I gear my alt up to standards of being a second main for myself. Currently wanting to play Havoc DH, Hunter, Rogue or WW Monk but I would not be opposed to playing Holy Paladin again. In Warlords of Draenor I held Rank 1 WCL Holy Paladin for a while as the character Watermelons - Kil’Jaeden and held Top 10 WCL MW Monk as Kiwis. Have 99 Percentile logs as Boomkin as well. I played a little back in BFA as a DH and have logs for that too. This goes to show I am a versatile player overall.

Will be more than willing to link previous logs.

With all that being said, I am a dedicated player, I should be getting gearing up quickly and hoping to be raid ready sometime soon as long as I can catch up. Not expecting to be top 10 US again, more so looking to join an established guild with history of success that is progressing in Mythic and has CE in mind.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to being in touch with you all.

B-Tag: Fruity#11155
Discord: Fruity#8506

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we by no means CE but we are 5/10M working on Painsmith we need a full time DH as I’m playing my alt to have one in raid we raid Tuesday and Wednesday Night from 8 to 11pm est if interested you can reach me at Sig#9905 on disc or Sig#11142 on Bnet

sorry posted off days are in title, thanks and good luck :smiley:

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