CE pet available on beta?

Are collectors edition pets supposed to be available in beta, or will I only see my netherwelp pet once BC classic comes out? First time getting beta and having a collectors edition account.

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Does TBC Classic have a collector’s edition? I’ve only seen the deluxe.

I feel like it should? I remember seeing something that if your account was a collectors account, it would give you the pet - just as it did for Classic collectors accounts, they got their panda cub, etc.


Yes, it does.

Technically it’s a different account than your retail account, so it remains to be seen, but blizzard has stated that tbc collector’s edition owners should be able to access their pet.

I’ve got the Collectors Edition for Vanilla, TBC and LK. (boxed)
So hopefully will get the goodies from them.

They aren’t testable in the Beta, but the original Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition Netherwelp pet should be available after maintenance next week for characters that you move to The Burning Crusade Classic in pre-patch.

Just speak to innkeepers in major cities or Landro Longshot in Booty Bay, if you have the original Collector’s Edition license on your World of Warcraft account.


If we have the big blizzard bear (which was available during TBC) will that become available to us as well?

What about the old Trading Card game Items such as the Tabard of Frost?

is there anyway to get them in Burning Crusade Classic if you previously have them?

will the other TCG items work in TBC classic? like the soul-trader beacon and spectral tiger?

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There’s no reason TBC should be any different, in WoW Classic right now people who own WoW’s original Collector’s Edition get their pets, we have a guy in my raid team who has Mini Diablo from it.

What about Blizzcon rewards? I would love my Murloc costume!

I checked innkeepers in Exodar, SW, and Landro in BB. I tried on my lvl 60 (progress to tbc) and a baby draenei. I am not given an option to claim the pet. It will show as a feat of strength for this character for my account. It should be active right now, yes?

to clarify, I did this on Live TBC classic

So i guess they messed it up again for those with an EU tbc collectors edition since those required a manual check by sending in a cutout to blizzard in france i recall, before they whould give you the pets in game.
No im not trying to get a eu colectors edition on the US servers i just happened to see this post on us forums so used us account to post instead.

Did you make a new account since TBC? I have my original acc license and my current license (on the same bnet email) and I only have it on my original acc from TBC. I really think there should be some consideration in letting you claim it on your bnet account if you made a new license since then and the old acc is there. It doesn’t feel good having to consider paying a separate sub from SL to use the guy in the rerelease of TBC.

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no same account that not the issue it pretty much 99% sure it the same issue as back then for EU.

That reply was meant for viera’s post above. I hope for those in EU they were able to get this resolved for you guys!

I’ve made several new accts since then. They are under 1 email. Hmm… If I recall though, it was redeemed on the main acct I’m using. Is there a way to find out do you know? Without resubbing to each one and checking the innkeeper?

CS maybe able to help you find out which account I resubbed on my old acc just to find out the bad news this morning :frowning: . I reached out to support to see if I could move my old key over to my current account but sadly they are unable to do this either. I would def open a ticket though so you at least can know if something glitched with your main acc.

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Wow, thanks. Hope EU gets sorted as well. Maybe I don’t remember every detail from 2007 anymore. Good luck all I’m gonna try CS!