CE edition sold out- more copies!


Hey, let’s keep it simple: it costs Blizzard a lot less than $99.99 to acquire one copy of the CE edition. If they have more, we’ll buy more.

Sell more copies of the already sold out CE edition, please! I’d rather pay $115 now to Blizzard than $340, 6 months from now, to someone not blizzard.

This post is for people who want the collector’s edition physical product. And yes, Blizzard, it will be bought, so you gotta make sure we can buy it. I’m sure, unlike Blizzcon, you can handle more than a handful of sales.

(Kaivax) #2

Just quoting our blog post:

“…check availability with your favorite video game retailer in the coming days to pre-order.”


Oh definitely! I hope they don’t sell out before I get to them, as well… Oh, great, they have…

(Falnaz) #4

I’ll be honest. Not a fan of that being the answer :confused:


$100 for a 10 inch statue and mounts for retail lmao.

(Ziryus) #6

Seriously… I don’t even know if there is a game store that sells computer games around anymore.

(Falnaz) #7

I’m hoping amazon gets a lot of stock.


Woah running into problems buying stuff summons the blues quicker than streamers! Thanks for the quick reply!

(Shocknyou) #9

Whew… With all the drama and uproar over… buying a ragnaros statue… I am glad you responded so quickly!



Boo! I finally got permission from the boss to get this now it’s sold out :frowning:


Very glad I made my order when I did then


Yep, glad I secured my cheap toy, glittery box and mousepad I could order from cafepress as well!

(Studmuffyn) #13

really even if you buy a CE now, aren’t we just downloading and installing anyway?


I like the statue, what can I say. Not sure if you mean to sound so sarcastic but I will assume yes and just say that I like CEs. I don’t drink often, don’t smoke anything and tend to use my spending cash I set aside on things like this because I need a vice of some kind hahaha


Good on ya, do what you want with your money.

My point was more that the CEs have been getting worse and worse over the years.


And the original point is this post is for those who want the CE. $100 for a statue that’s decent is par for the course. That, alone, is worth the price. Plus, at least they’re giving 30 days of game time (sure the price of shipping). And no, I’ve already downloaded and installed. This is for collectors, of which I am one.


They were never a good deal. I missed on the original but had one for TBC, which I still hold dear, yet knew it was a trash investment and so never got another one. And none of them ever had a big ol statue of an iconic baddie, just some cards for a CCG that died and became worthless and an artbook that I never look at.


I’ll take that art book :wink:


lol I said I hold it dear, I can’t break up the set!


I bought into the game late in Vanilla, and with my own hard-earned cash, I couldn’t afford the vanilla CE. Any chance I get to get my hands on the oldies, I do! Enjoy it!