CE 12/12M Tues-Thurs 8-11 EST SL LF DPS

Despair of US-Thrall Horde side is looking for a few members to bolster the roster for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion!

Formed in 2007 Despair has stable guild leadership and is not going to disband anytime soon!

Currently 12/12M Cutting Edge and raiding Tues, Weds, Thurs 8-11 EST. With 9 hours per week we are able to farm as well as progress at a very reliable pace.

Immediate Needs:
Caster DPS
Ranged DPS
1 -Exceptional- MELEE DPS

As always exceptional applicants are welcome and encouraged to apply. I try my best to get back to applicants within 1-2 days!

If not listed, please inquire within. Im looking forward to speaking with you about raiding goals and our amazing family here at Despair. From Blizzcon trips to helping those less fortunate we are a family & far more than a raid logging environment.

Guild application: https:// forms.gle/c2iEJFzYiSUYAgTi6
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Scrubcat#1271 - BT
Scrubcat#5694 - Discord.

Still looking for RDPS

Considering exceptional ranged DPS

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Healer spot opening up!

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Immediate spot for Mythic Nzoth

bump for one big strong RDPS

Come on down CE bound!

Still looking

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phase 3, times running out! Get in here and celebrate CE with us!

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17% best attempt so far! Could use some DPS!

Still looking! Could be CE THIS WEEK!

Up! Still looking for YOU

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The guild application link doesn’t work :frowning: Sent Bnet and Discord friend requests!

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