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exactly, even with group finder, you could sometimes find players that you were like, “hey I ran x y z with you a couple weeks ago how you doing?!” Now we have cross realm raiding and M+ and everything is cross realm. It’s great for convivence but bad for making the social connections.

Also why does /who not work half the time? Like I used to /who someone on my realm but now I can’t even /who my other account that’s open sitting beside my warlock. Like I have 1 lock do the /who warlock 2 and the other lock on the other account logged in beside her doesn’t show up on the /who list.

I think this has to do with sharding. Don’t quote me on that lol. But I agree it’s annoying.

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No think about it, it’s 100% sharding. Because it only returns players on your ‘server’ for that shard as best I can tell. Blizz’s refusal to use Layers in retail is frustrating.

It’s got nothing to do with sharding, it worked for years with sharding.

Only thing I can think of is they broke it on purpose so census addons wouldn’t work properly.


If it would be sharding I would get, but warlock 1 and warlock 2 are right beside each other in Orgrimmar right now both with WM off. I know for characters 10 and less it doesn’t work, but they are both 60 lol

Sharding started in Legion, /who worked fine til SL.


Sharding started in Cata IIRC. It was far far before legion.

Alright, I just tried it on 4 accounts and did /who of warlock 1 and my warlock did not pop up on any of the accounts I did a /who of and they are all sitting right beside each other and the characters I did the /who from have that character on their friends list too! If it was sharding, I wouldn’t be able to see my other characters right?

Nah, you’re thinking of CRZ.

Sharding was the new Legion thing to keep playing smooth. Sharding is duplicating a zone when the old one reaches X amount of people to prevent crowding.

Reason I brought up the /who is way back when if a friend was possibly on an alt or something and you didn’t have them added on all their toons, you can /who them and find them. Ironically I still use /who for that purpose if I’m on a toon that’s in guild A and I want to see if someone is online in guild B.

You can /who right now and not find yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL exactly. Like I tried. I can open up the 5th account and see if /who warlock 1 finds her XD

Edit: finally /who my warlock while the other character was in oribos on account 5…

Heyyyyyy I play on Arygos :slight_smile:

Every time this gets brought up this video gets linked but it seems it’s up to me this time :laughing:


But yeah like I was touching base with earlier though the reason that that to me this is important is being able to look up players you want to play with or seeing if someone in a guild is online that you submitted an application to is important. Let’s say I’m seeing if any of those guild members are on so I can do a /who to see how active and big the guild is before joining. you can see a roster, sure, you can see all the details of a guild before joining and they could have 900 members in it. Issue is if about half of that number is alts then the other half is inactive players that means there may be 200 players that may or may not log in on a consistent basis. They may raid log and that’s it.

You can’t use the /who function to check that. You also have to resort to whispering someone from your guild requesting an invitation if they have their bnet off and you can’t see if they are online or not. Only way to tell is to log into your main first, right click copy name, go onto other character /who char name, it fails, add to FL char name then whisper said player “inv.” And no, I cannot use one of the other accounts to invite myself. They don’t trust me with that. :o

It’s silly and it breaks up social aspects of stuff.

Hopefully Blizzard addresses this in the new year as the populations of servers are not in a good shape right now

I am not a fan of posting in old threads but I noticed this topic got a bit of a response in the CC forums.

So I just going to push this back up to see if anyone else has something to add.

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i think the active sub count is small enough that they can put everyone on a single server now.

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I don’t know about that but something like what GW2 does would be nice. You still have servers in GW2 but they also have overflow shards, I guess you would call them. Instead of having wait times you load into the overflow and when your server/zone has room you get notified asking if you want to go over. WoW could combine more servers but also still have phasing when those servers/ zones are full.

Phasing is a helpful tool but the way it is mostly used in WoW really hurt the community, therefore the game in my opinion.

Don’t know if anyone has brought it up, but the reason I left my small pop realm is because of CRZ and Sharding.
Once it went game-wide I lost the benefits of a smaller server while not gaining anything.
It made it harder to farm things.
Basically it introduced all the downsides of a high pop server with zero benefits like a better economy(actually made it worse) or more guild options for players.

Unfortunately servers hit a little bit of a death spiral too. I was on one of the smallest classic servers up through about half of AQ. Guilds couldn’t recruit onto the server because it was so small and a lot of the server resources were being botted and transferred off server to sell. I think connecting a bunch of mostly dead realms isn’t a good solution. Connect mostly dead realms to one of the almost big realms.