Cauterize & Seed

If you cannot manage designing them to activate exclusively, you are probably in the wrong profession.

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if( Cauterize_Cooldown <= 0){
else if( Seed_Cooldown <= 0){

Hire me Blizz.
I’ll fix this dude’s problem!

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I have played a number of arenas, and because I’m terrible I have died most of them. I don’t recall ever seeing Cauterize activate simultaneously with seed – it’s always been Cauterize (speed boost) and then seed when the Cauterize dot wears down. Sometimes there’s enough damage that it seems instant but Cauterize definitely procs before I pod up…

Can you explain what you are seeing because I haven’t witnessed it myself yet? I wonder if it’s a PvE thing.

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Hit kill mechanics can activate both at the same time. Happened to me in painsmith several times.

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I was able to see on some old change notes from WoWwiki / WoWpedia that Cauterize has a cap of what kind of fatal blow it can absorb. The amount noted was 200% max player HP. Does that seem to fit the amounts delivered?

Just trying to get a mind if this was an ‘unofficial’ nerf that’s not on the wiki, or if it’s just poorly explained on the tooltip.