Categories When Creating A Topic From The All Categories Page

(Solafina) #1

So for a bit now, Wyrmrest Accord has been noticing an odd issue: people inadvertently somehow end up posting their support threads on our realm forums. It keeps happening.

Well, as it turns out, when you go to make a topic from the All Categories page, our realm forum is right at the top. It’s the first one. In fact, you don’t see an option that isn’t a realm forum for 32 categories, and then you see the Off-Topic forums. You do not see a single support forum for over 120 categories.

This seems like an exceedingly poor choice. Surely it would make more sense for the general and support forums to be above the realm forums when creating a new topic from the All Categories page, so that people are getting the audience they were expecting rather than a bunch of confused people who can’t really do much more than try to steer them in the right direction.

(Jacquell) #2

I second this, people have been noticing this happening on WRA for months. The way the categories are arranged is strange and it is beyond me why not all the realms are together or even in alphabetical order. The realms should come last, like how all the categories are ordered on the main page. It makes it very confusing and non-user friendly, especially for those new to posting.

(Rykadiel) #3

Can something please be done about this? Our realm forum is getting flooded by off-server people trying to ask questions intended for other forums.