<Catalyst> Recruitment Updates

Hello Everyone,

is looking for a couple elite players to add for BWL. We have a core group of players who have been together since Vanilla, with content experience through all expansions and as a top 200 world guild for BC and WotLK. We currently are open for recruitment for the following classes:

1 Rogue
1 H paladin
1 Mage
1 Warlock
1 Feral Druid

Our raid team has been farming MC for 3 months and is quite geared. We would hope that players that apply would be near full Pre-raid BIS or better. However, if you are a very skilled player with a lot of experience, that is more important than your gear level.

Please apply on our website at www catalystclassic .com or contact an officer in game. We look forward to smashing content with you soon!

Zarib, Kalel, Archangello,Novian, Jinxmonsoon, Holybingo, Mordicei