<Catalyst> Recruiting!

We are looking for a few elite players to complete our plans for alt-supported BWL split raids. We have been farming BWL since it launched and are ready to accelerate our gearing in preparation for AQ40 and Naxx. We currently run 2 alt-supported MC splits a week and will be adding BWL to the farming splits next reset. We clear BWL in about 90 minutes.

How this works: We maintain a roster of approximately 55-60 raiders. Many of these players have geared 60 alts as well. So, we run 2 instances a week of MC and soon will be adding an additional BWL reset. This allows for faster gearing of the mains between both resets and an opportunity for players to raid on their alts as well.

Our raid schedule is as follows:

Tuesday: BWL Split
Thursday MC Split 1
Friday BWL Split 2 and MC Split 2

UPDATED! - Recruiting current
Warlock - 1
Priest - 1
Hpal -1
Hunter -1

To apply contact an officer in game.

Zarib/Zapsa, Kalel, Archangello, Holybingo, Mordicei