Catalyst Failed (can a moderator lock this ****)

Why would you put boots in there fully aware and knowing that ONLY HELM, SHOULDERS, CHEST, GLOVES AND PANTS carry the set bonus???

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Then you simply made a mistake and this thread is pointless. lol


Once again yes I know, the annoying thing is the 150hr setback for the 60211230213210’th time

UI bug.

Don’t hyperfixate on the 150hrs. It’s literally 6 days now. You’ll have a shiny recharged catalyst in no time.


You know 6days 8hrs is about 150 right

This CS thread seems relevant:

No one else has had this UI bug, just you. And the sheer number of people who messed up today because they wernt paying attention is comical. But at least they can admit it.


Well I can only say that if the Creation Catalyst system had such a severe bug as to show an item that was indicated as not being part of the tier bonus set showing set bonuses, the forums, including the Bug and GD forums, would be on fire with it.

There isn’t, that I can see, another post anywhere saying anything about that. Shrug dunno what to say, mate.


I would admit that I messed up if I had messed up, instead what happened was I spent nearly half an hour comparing the items so I could decide

Yes, but I’m saying to stop thinking about it in the longest increment you can. 150 hours is also 540,000 minutes.

6 days isn’t long at all in the grand scheme of things. Run raid if you really want tier.

edit: I’m not saying the situation doesn’t suck but there genuinely isn’t anything else to be done than move on.

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The worst part with this one is OP already has a 2 set bonus. They know exactly what.slots carry the set bonus. And they made boots anyway.


For the 80’th time it said it would make it with the tier bonus.

You DID mess up. You knew which slots were designated for the set bonus. You chose to ignore it and make boots.

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my god. I’m just going to start copypasting


Ah Dramn it!

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/cast Doubt

Theres no shame in it, 100’s of others made the same mistake, you messed up. Move on, you are not getting it fixed even if you it was a bug because you have no way to prove you didnt just mess up like everyone else who didnt pay attention. just let it go.

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Once again…

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Obviously there is no shame in it. Why tf would there be shame in something this stupid.

I obviously can’t prove it at this point because when I had thought about it, my replay only goes back 30s. I hope this does not happen to anyone else lmao

But it didn’t. Don’t try it again. Plop it on your shoulders in 6 days. Easy fix.