Catalyst Failed (can a moderator lock this ****)

You’re not understanding the discussion because you are not reading. Bet you did real well in school. Have a good day.

You dont get to tell me what to do I can post wherever your still here and have been obsessed for 8 hrs

here you go

I am here replying. I cannot reply if people stop posting

You care enough to make a pointless thread and keep responding to it.

You’re either seeking attention or slow.

kk, keep logging in to kick people while they’re down and denying their perspective. Your personality and comments here are valuable for the community. :+1:t5:

Actually it was.

Literally in the first paragraph on the catalyst discussion.

I completely understand and others are saying the same thing I am. Can’t say I’m in the wrong here or out of the loop. Sorry, dude.

Your enabling stupidity when the screen shows either a bonus or no bonus

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You are the one responding to it lmao


Having to go outside of the game for basic information is failure of game design.

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You’re not new and you should know there’s too much info to code in hand holding for ppl that can’t alt tab.

To you. Seems to work fine for countless others that don’t stamp their feet and act stubborn

Nah actually it is failure of game design.

The in-game tooltips provided by the item preview – before you click the “are you sure” button – very clearly show that there either is or is not a set bonus. If you click Ok after being shown no set bonus - it’s not a game flaw, is a reading flaw.

I Literally opened with many people who sub do not take time out of their day to also frequent forums, mmo-c or wowhead. In fact, this may be new information to you, but some people find the official forums absolutely repugnant. idk if you could imagine why.

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once again

Try accepting at least a pinch of responsibility

That’s lazy and mistakes are on them at that point.

I would accept responsibility if the UI bug did not occur.

Who cant tell the difference between these two


What can I say, I find people’s idiocy entertaining.

Yet it’s not. People have always used outside information to figure things out.

PS it’s common sense as well


No, it is actually failure of game design. Would you like to keep repeating things with me

Considering you’re one of maybe two people I’ve seen complaining about this specific problem, I’m skeptical.

If this was really something everyone was falling for, Trade and these forums would’ve been lit up by people complaining by now.

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