Catalyst Failed (can a moderator lock this ****)

Just cut your losses bud blizz aren’t going to do anything

Boots have never been tier to my knowledge

Next weeks a new week

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The game lied to me, so it’s fine that I now must wait 150 hours lol

I call BS then because when I hovered my mouse over new boots, tier bonus did NOT show.


No no it was not!


It showed for me

Going to go out on a limb and guess that when you put boots in, the output item it showed you didn’t, in fact, come with set bonuses. It being called Luminous Chevalier’s WhateverthePallybootsarecalled doesn’t mean it’s a “tier” piece.


Unless you have proof nothing can be done, even if you had proof I’d hazard a guess blizz still wouldn’t fix it.

It is what it is


I used the catalyst purely to get a tier item, I spent 20 minutes looking at all my pieces of gear trying to decide what was the best choice. It did in fact say it would give the tier bonus

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How do you people not read or comprehend set bonus pieces?!


Yea that’s what it ****ing said on my screen dude lmao

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It’s weird that you already have 2pc and could possibly be confused as to what the tier bonus tooltip looks like.

Boots cannot be tier. I don’t know how or why the tooltip could possibly tell you otherwise, unless your on the “catalyst = liar” bandwagon.

Edit: read what you said. That was not the tier bonus tooltip. That was just a regular tooltip with a fancy new name and possibly stats.

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Because it said that it would become a tier piece. Quite simple.

edit: I assumed you posted about what it looked like at this point with what people are saying

If your hoping it will somehow “undo” by complaining here it won’t happen. You’ll have to wait till next week.

Go into your armory or character panel in game. Hover over your head piece. You see the list of gold and greyed out items? That’s what the bonus looks like in your tooltip. If you don’t see that and want tier, don’t use CC on that item.

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I mean I made a ticket. Game said one thing, another thing happened

someone should not have to wait 150 hours for something this braindead

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Do I seriously need to link the blue post again? Did you seriously not see that there’s a difference between a non-bonus piece?



I was just walking out of work and a bird flew into my face and I dropped my phone


Is that goodluck or bad luck?

It was a piping shrike if that makes a difference

Little so and so

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Yea I know what it looks like for the 60’th time

The non bonus items create an appearance of a tier set. You need to be more careful

Clearly you don’t. And how you could possibly not comprehend the words on your current tier pieces is beyond me.

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