Catalyst Failed (can a moderator lock this ****)

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Who even knows anymore

You are purposely acting obtuse.

Boots should have never been considered as an option because you KNEW BEFOREHAND, before you even went to the catalyst, that BOOTS DON’T COUNT TOWARDS THE SET BONUS.

Again, I did not make the mistake as I thought it worked like that, however I am saying its an easy mistake to make, further more there is no reason to believe only only the 5 pieces are to be tier bonus, as previously in the past several times had tier had offsets with the bonus, a couple examples top of my head being T3, T6.


It is sooooo far in the opposite direction that if you actually made this mistake the only reasonable conclusion I can make is that you had both eyes burned out of your head by some freak chemical accident.

If you have even 1 functioning eye and 2 brain cells clinking around in your head it is impossible to screw up the cc.

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… you can’t be serious.

And I’m sorry, but someone who already has a 2 piece set knows before they go to the catalyst to rule out any slot that isn’t one of those five.

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It showed you a pair of boots with a set bonus? Or it showed you some random other slot with a set bonus?

The chances of a UI bug generating a pair of boots with a set bonus, an item that DOESNT EXIST, is extremely unlikely.

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And yet the forums have proved otherwise today…

Yea it’s called a UI bug. actual knuckle dragger

There is absolutely no way that a pair of boots in the creation catalyst had set bonuses on them. It’s not possible. The creation catalyst does not create an item that can’t exist in the game, it converts a non-tier piece into a tier piece. Only 5 pieces in the tier set have set bonuses. The rest do not. Boots is one of the items that does not.

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A tier item and a tier bonus item are different.
The CC GUI has a window that shows you what you’re getting for a reason.

No. It did not.
There is no tier boot with a tier set bonus. The UI isn’t making these items on the fly, it’s grabbing an existing item.

Stop lying.


Hahaha just as expected , we all knew players like you will come first week being salty about picking the wrong gear to apply set stats .

Well thanks for the salt, here is popcorn bucket :popcorn:.
Sit and enjoy the show :sunglasses:

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Considering how horrible the content and systems have been generally released in the past 2 expansions by Blizzard, Yes I am very serious, do note I’m simply giving people an insight to a mistake that can be made, I did not make the mistake, I’m happily sitting on 4 set :slight_smile:

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This is absolutely irrelevant.

Please reread my comment to you with the quote and the images.

I’m going to head out. Have a good night and grats on your 4 piece. :slightly_smiling_face:

it is called a ui bug

Mate you win, there you go have a :cookie:

Way too invested in proving someone wrong over something that may for a moment confuse people, not sure what your gain is, good luck though.


Blizzard will 100% change the text coming weeks, when its patched, come back here XO


no idea, all I’ve said is I got a UI bug and this person is too mentally exceptional to understand this

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Before you accept the conversion of the item you can look at the item you are going to get. If the item you are getting is one of the 5 slots that can have a tier bonus on it, then it will have a tier bonus on it. How is this not clear? It’s literally on the screen. I don’t understand how people are making this mistake? I hope they never learn to drive, I don’t want them misunderstanding traffic signals.

No, it is called a lie.
There is no item ID of a pair of tier boots with a tier set bonus.

You’re fooling no one. You didn’t check. Just stop.