Catalyst charges... for first dragonflight patch

Is this true? That would be awesome!? Many of the tier mogs are locked behind pieces that would only drop as other items so this would make sense.

I am seeing it hard to collect lfr mogs for example. But its nice that the minizone has normal/heroic looks. They are such good mogs to have.

This is the official announcement as of a half hour ago:

Yea I noticed the article on wowhead.

I am sad to hear that it won’t work for a few weeks. It seems its opening up in june 13 so is that few weeks just a month where we can’t use it for mogs? That’s very unfortunate.

Either way this sets a precedent for past season mogs to maybe be more lax to farm which I am in favor of. I just think the catalyst should be up sooner, and it shouldn’t impact previous seasons. Although it’s understandable for now, I hope they prevent these issues in future seasons. Transmog hunting taking an L for a few weeks ; /

Indeed, but I have a feeling that it’s probably a coding thing, where if it’s opened up, it’s opened up for everything and not just one or the other.

It’s very likely that all S1 Revival Catalyst charges will be deleted on May 9th.

Season 1 gear won’t require charges and that will be the case, since Season 2 Catalyst starts all of our characters with 1 charge:

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This is the best change, but yea I am rushing to use up my charges right now since you won’t have access to the catalyst for the old season 1 stuff for a while!