<Catalyst> 8/8 BWL Recruitment


BWL 8/8 Week 1, MC/Only on 18 Reset Farm

Officers: Zarib, Archangello, Kalel, Holybingo, Mordicei, Novian

Hello Everyone,

Our goal at Catalyst is to clear all the content in classic with an efficient and optimized raid team and have fun! We are currently recruiting to fill our MC and BWL Split raids. We anticipate an increase from a 45 raid team member to a 60 raid team member roster. Our goal is to more quickly gear out a 60 member roster over the course of two MC/BWL instances each reset. We have a significant number of geared 60 alts that will supplement each raid split at lower loot priority than the raid team mains. This process will afford us the flexibility down the road with instances like AQ40 and Naxx to create a fully optimized 40 man raid team for each boss encounter during progression weeks and continue to farm gear in non-progression content. We are not creating an A and B team. Instead we are going to create two equal, optimized groups to maximize our gearing process.

Loot System: We use Live Auction DKP with class priority to distribute loot.

Recruitment Open for ALL CLASSES! With high priority for priests and warlocks. We are more interested in your skill as a player than your current gear level.

Current Raid Schedule:

Tuesday: Onyxia (2 Splits), MC, Razor/Vael - Total Raid Time: 2:30

Friday: BWL (Brood-Nef) - Total Raid Time: 1:45

Proposed Schedule with MC and BWL Splits:

Tuesday: BWL Split 1, Onyxia (2 splits depending on Reset) - Expected Raid Time: 2:45

Thursday: MC Split 1, Onyxia (2 splits depending on Reset) - Expected Raid Time: 1:45

Friday: BWL Split 2, MC Split 2 - Expected Raid Time 3:30

To apply for membership, please contact an officer in game or apply online at www . catalystclassic .com. More details on our ranking policies, loot system and history are also available on our website.

We look forward to raiding with you soon!