<Catalina Wine Mixer> Recruiting!

| Alliance | NA | PvP | Semi-Hardcore

Team Details
Loot Style: Loot Council
Raid Days/Times: Tues/Thurs 7:45-11PM EST
Current raid needs: Any exceptional players! Have a few Immediate openings. Willing to onboard a group of players and open-minded!

4 TF’s and HoR. 1 Night BWL/MC/Split Onys & Bi-weekly ZG’s. 125+ World Boss Kills, 40 min BWL

:small_orange_diamond: Fun commnuity that gets things done.
:small_orange_diamond: Progression stipends courtesy of gbank.
:small_orange_diamond: Always people around to do things with outside WoW as well.
:small_orange_diamond: Experienced Leadership through all phases of WoW.
:small_orange_diamond: Low barrier to entry for loot! Most here are very geared and we only have a 1 week waiting period for new recruits.
:small_orange_diamond: Onboarding care package including flasks, raid consumes, etc!

If this sounds like the place for you, please get ahold of us! Contact info below.
Discord: Lexmuther#5583 or Deny#7317

Application: https:// goo.gl/forms/VcDEzu2vQb3fHSi02
Discord: discord.gg/YtRBSXx