Cataclysm Classic Raid Dungeons Now Live!

Cataclysm Classic Raid Dungeons Now Live!

Take your new adventures into three new raid dungeons: The Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, and Throne of the Four Winds.

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Have we always referred to them as Raid Dungeons or…?

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Okay, so Cata raids are out.

We can talk about Phase 4 SoD PTR now right?

That has me confused, as well. Raids are raids. Dungeons are dungeons. I don’t know where “Raid Dungeons” came from.


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And apparently the first boss is bugged. What a surprise. GG

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Magmaw is hitting way harder than he should. we just one shots 3 people everytime his mechanic goes off

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the raid is a bigger dungeon.

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Does it ultimately matter?

“Raid Dungeons,” lol.

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Can we get a fix on RDF its been bugged sense pre-patch. My shamans who is level 35 can’t do SM Library because of it same thing with other dungeons.


Aaaaand they’re done.

inb4 “Firelands is when they REALLY get hard, fellas!”

Followed by “Dragon Soul is when it REALLY gets hard, fellas!”

Nobody will say “MSV/HoF/ToES is when it REALLY gets hard, fellas!” though, because that tier wasn’t that hard.

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Well, if you get down to technicalities, raids are just dungeons with more complex mechanics and more players

I don’t think anyone has claimed Cataclysm raids are hard, just harder than what came before

The first hour clears aren’t typically indicative of the average pug anyway

Halls an exception. That place tries real hard to be raid like.

it’s got walking simulator raid design down pretty damned good lol.

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with how nerfed they are probably

Except dungeons are not dungeons if you want to get pedantic. Dungeons occur in buildings, outside, in the air… Rarely in an underground prison (Stocks its the closest to an actual dungeon)

Before Cata release you said that Cata raids would be per-boss locks and not raidID but we seem to have a normal raidID listed in raid info.

Are we actually locked to a raidID or is it per-boss like retail raid locks like was announced?


its pretty much all the same thing tbh
the only issue here is how redundant it sounds

What a stupid take.

This raid tier prolly going to be the lowest heroic clear rates of all classic raids.

Shocker the raid teams that spent 50 hours a week on the PTR doing the raids beat the raids.

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