Cataclysm Classic Now Live!

fix profession bug on boosted characters…

It plays almost exactly like Wrath???

Pally is not the same and they suck now

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Pally is objectively better in Cata


I’m enjoying myself a lot now that a lot of glitches have been fixed, but I still think it’s a mistake to be rushing Cata with a faster cadence of raid/content release.

I’m sorry that you leave the 3.3.5a servers. I hoped you would leave them. I didn’t start playing there because I was afraid you would close them, and you did. I need a static addition where I dress up a character once and can occasionally come in to arena. There’s no point in playing two versions of the game that require progression from me.

Cata had better leveling than Vanilla.

I’ll jump into your conversation with my remark. In vanilla, leveling is already endgame. Starting from BC, leveling is a dull period of the game before the game starts. The best leveling we have now is in Dragonflight compared to previous ones I hope someday we’ll be leveling a character in an hour or even faster.

I really wanted to play, but no one I know wants to. It’s not fun alone. And Pandamonium will be a thing. And the time table for content is too fast in Cata Classic. I’d never catch up.

Don’t really need it tbh. Cata was super-fast leveling.

maybe one day forum bot will figure out where cata classic forums are.


I’ve just maintaining my one toon since classic vanilla at max level. Probably spend more time with Remix once I can figure out my latency issues

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that art goes hard af wow