Cataclysm Classic Launch Notes - Updated June 4

It happened a lot. Is it really that surprising? It wasn’t UH/War, I was playing Blood.

no one cares, just release 60 in SoD

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Cata Classic is launching Monday May 20 and Valor will not be earnable between the launch and first reset (Tuesday May 21 for NA).

Well, blizzard has officially killed this game for me. Was already nearly impossible to even get a 2s going now they require 3s? Mentally ill change. Dying game is officially dead now.


You mostly like will but you cannot get a gladiator title as it clearly says

As it also clearly states that you can get everything else but a glad title and the corresponding mount with said title

Added to the OP–

Getting to Vashj’ir

To alleviate potential congestion issues, on launch day we’ve removed a few of the questing prerequisites to use the portal to Vashj’ir that can be found at the Western Earthshrine in the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar and The Eastern Earthshrine near the Stormwind Keep in Stormwind.

I wonder if the quests to get to Vashj’ir were even functional to begin with. I imagine they were bugged to hell and back.

I’m sure the whopping 4-5 people that intend to quest in that hellscape will be grateful for the change.

They worked just fine lol

They can make every quest in Vashjir give 5x the xp and I’m still not questing there

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why not? other than swimming kinda sucking for a while?

Was it mentioned anywhere that the launch would happen 10 minutes early? I went to the bathroom and missed some profession realm firsts.



When will we be able to get the rank 14 gear appearances? They are still not working


Removing gladiator from 2’s is so anti-experimental and anti-fun.

IMO add it back here and add it back to retail.

But you should expect it. Blizz is anti-fun.

when worgen barbershop

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@kaivax Please commuicate with the community regarding pvp gear missing/removed from the game and the problem of crafted pvp gear being 377 ilevel.

I too refuse to do underwater video gaming. Wow underwater. No.

Still having a blast leveling in cata classic though!

I dont get the zone hate. Wasnt bad with swim potions and turtle to start, once you get seahorse its smooth sailing.

Hopefully no more mage tuning for the love of god!! Turning into the SoD hunter right now.

When will the R14 armor be available to transmog? There’s no mention of any date in the post, and I would’ve assumed they’d be transmoggable on launch but we still can’t use the appearances.