Cataclysm Classic Hotfixes - July 10

Nothing wrong with complaining about an entire aspect of the game, and one of the most fun things to do on prepatch, being completely broken bro.


we love broken resilience! Thank you for keeping it in the game

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I love how you had the forsight to put it here, but we have two paid employee’s who thought it wasn’t worth a mention because we don’t matter.

Can you give us insight on why we have yet to see a honor change in cata? for retention and play testing purposes, you would want everyone out pvping to thoroughly make sure spells are not bugged and interactions work as intended. Just to clairfy you are a blizzard employee?

80 bg wins to get honor capped. and honor cap is 4k, and tier pieces are 1k, off pieces are 2k. weapons are 2.5k. LETS DO SOME MATH. 5 tier pieces, 7 off pieces, 1.5 weapons. 5k + 14k + 3k = 22,000. If 80 bg wins = 4k honor (cap) you need to get capped 5.5 times. 80 x 5.5 = 440. So, I need to win 440 bgs to get wrathful gear.

Today’s hotfixes update:

May 3, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Fixed a bug causing Hunters to do trap dropping animations twice.
  • Account wide pet collection achievements now correctly grant rewards.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Bloodlust and Heroism from working as intended.
  • Mounting the Violet Proto Drake now grants Master Riding to players who are at least level 80 and have Artisan Riding trained.
  • Heal-over-time and damage-over-time ticks should now behave as intended in Cataclysm when refreshed.
    • Developers’ notes: Previously, refreshing a DoT just before it finished its last tick could cause it to miss out on a tick. That was the correct behavior in Wrath of the Lich King, but not Cataclysm.
  • Holidays
    • The Children’s Week holiday is now extended for one additional week.
    • “Ridin’ The Rocketway” can now be completed.
    • Craggle Wobbletop and Blax Bottlerocket now sell Yellow and Green Balloons for Children’s Week.
    • Darkmoon Faire will be closed until the launch of Cataclysm, when it will return with the newly updated Darkmoon Faire Island.
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Any idea on what might happen for those who have bugged digsites from before the archeology fix? Some of us are really screwed over here.

Thank you for the continued communication, y’all doing a lot better.

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So we’re going into the weekend with no fixes for main driving content like honor gains. this is shaping up to be the end of classic going forward.

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Just want to point out that you cannot complete Ridin the Rocketway yet. Unless I’m just completely missing something here.

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Also confirming that Ridin the Rocketway is NOT completing. You have it listed as being able to be completed in your update for today, but it isn’t working on Live servers. Please address the issue and remove it from the list of Fixed Items. The Holiday posting states that Children’s Week has been extended for another week, so are we looking at your staff needing at least that long to address these holiday issues?

And for those saying Holidays aren’t important content, I’m sure they are for collectors and those working on the Long, Strange Trip meta. Since the holidays have a limited timeframe to be completed in, people working on those want/need to get them done now, not a month from now when the main part of Cata goes live. (not me, I’ve completed it and just am looking for some low-hanging fruit for extra pets and guild rep, so don’t shoot the messenger)

You also say that * Account wide pet collection achievements now correctly grant rewards.* But they are not granting the rewards. Both Nuts and the Brilliant Kaliri are not in my pet collection.

Often times hotfixes are posted before they actually go through. The balloons also aren’t on the specified vendors.

YOU DID IT! this was a exactly what 80% of the posts were about. Good work!

66% reduction on PVP gear

drop the quest and pick it back up again. I just completed it.

heroism still bugged :dracthyr_crylaugh:

They’re on the vendors now.

This entire game is just broken, I paid $80 for a character boost and get no gear, no gold and no professions? What is the point in a boost if I have to go all the way back to start to grind professions? 20-30 honor a game getting 1 shot over and over and now I have to do that for atleast 100-200 games to get gear? The worst part is that wintergrasp is once every 24hrs or close to and it’s up now and won’t let me Q? They destroyed SOD pvp and like a moron I came to this garbage, honestly I think it would be better to just move on to a whole new game because blizzard are so far out of touch logging into wow is like smashing my head against a brick wall only less fun and more painful

Wintergrasp is every 3 hours but go off. PvP gear has been reduced in cost by 66% and resil is being fixed on Tuesday; updates given by Blizzard since before you posted this.

Now make pvp gear cheaper