Cataclysm Classic Hotfixes - July 10

Tanks need some balancing. Prot Warriors claim for help!

Tanks are fine! Reroll DK’s like Blizzard intended you to do. press 4 bottons and be pro

increase valor from raids to like 100 per boss or even enough to cap

You are able to notice this but the tank canyon that exists is invisible? Could we please get some sort of weigh in on this from a dev.

My idea for warriors is this

Make mastery also cause critical blocks to cause victory rush to be useable for 6 seconds or until it is used. The effectiveness of this victory rush heal is based on your critical block chance. (40% critical block chance is 40% heal value)

June 21, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Shaman Fire Elementals will now prefer targets that have their master’s Flameshock active on them, and will switch to those targets over targets without their master’s Flameshock. This check occurs only once every several seconds, so may take a little time to occur.
  • Temporarily removed the Elemental Shaman (2) Set Bonus on the Burning Crusade Tier 4 set.
    • Developer’s note: The 2 Piece Elemental Shaman Tier 4 bonus has a bug that existed in original Cataclysm, but was found later on in Warlords of Draenor. If this bonus were to remain in its bugged state, it would cause Elemental Shamans to wear 2 Pieces of The Burning Crusade tier for the entire expansion and we kind of like it when people have to progress their gear. Because the real fix we wish to do requires server restarts, we are removing the 2-set bonus off of the set for the weekend, and then placing it back after server restarts in its fixed state.

Yesterday I noticed people, and myself, were regularly able to get “Help the Bombardier! I’m the Bombardier!” now. I checked the others last night, still a big fat nope.

Is it possible to see some enhancement shaman QoL changes in cata? They are one of the least popular classes in cata. Having to hit the 17% spell hit cap feels horrible. A simple spell hit % on Mental Quickness would help as a spellcasting melee class, letting us reforge into better stats.

Thank you for finally acknowledging the Fire Ele issues.

I have been whining about it since early Wrath.


What if they have… two flame shocks?

Can we get a fix on RDF been bugged sense pre-patch.

Can we get a fix on RDF it’s been bugged sense pre-patch I just hit level 27 can’t do BFD anymore and I still have quests to do in there. Can’t be hard too fix.

Then it’s a slight nerf, but overall a buff and/or makes Elemental much more consistent.

It’s a nerf on Cho’gall, because we’d prefer for it to stick to Cho’gall himself and not swap to the add.
It’s a slight nerf to Alakir, easy enough work around to not flame shock the stormlings however. Otherwise this might be a buff depending on when it’s placed during P2’s trinket procs if it initially tried to attack a stormling.

It’s a massive buff on Omnitron due to you being able to use it now that it won’t break shields after the first 45 seconds of the fight.
It’s a sizable buff for Magmaw, the it would frequently freak out whenever the exposed head came down due to them being two different targets.
It’s now more consistent on Nefarian due to how it would decide that it’s just going to target the adds and be either full value if it went on Nef, or zero if it went on the adds.
It’s a buff for Halfus, it will now properly swap to the correct drake in the priority list instead of RNG which one it hits next.
It’s both a buff and more consistent on twin dragons, it will now swap to the newly landed dragon as well as there’s no risk of it accidentally trying to target the one in the air the entire fight.
It’s a buff for AC due to making it able to get off the low boss.
It’s a more consistent on Sinestra due to you can force it to always be on the boss instead of it deciding to target the whelps.

I think every Ele Shaman will take the nerf on Cho’gall, a fight where we’re already really strong for the fire elemental to either be buffed or more consistent from this change on Nef/Ala/Sin/AC, even more so considering Cho’gall is an easy fight this tier and it’s directly better on the 4 hardest fights.

That and with our T12 being based around the fire elemental, with it being inconsistent there was a legitimate cause for concern of Ele being benched the entire tier. If the fire elemental decided that it was going to target a shard, fire seed, or living meteor then sit there and do nothing the rest of the duration then we probably were getting replaced.

14 transmog,14 transmog,14 transmog. It is the most important thing for me. even though warlock AOE is trash and mage need neef. but 14 transmog 14 transmog 14 transmog.

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Not sure about other shamans but the “hotfix” didnt do jack on bot run I did on my shaman earlier today… it was still sitting on valiona while she was in the air and I had FS on theralion…

I guess this will take effect after the MT?

Ok so why is searing totem not fixed it’s annoying AF having to place it after combat starts just for it to activate

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lol more importanlty why isnt arch fixed ?? its been broken for over 13 years

please can we have booty bay guard damage and hp nerfed to beable to farm rep solo. they hit for 50k a melee.
also wargaives transmog please

Actually it’s really cool when old gear from the previous expansion is powerful and fits into a build. That is very RPG like and fun for players to discover. Character progression doesn’t need to be just an item lvl.(this is boring) It could be some old item with a proc or that adds a huge benefit.

only way we found to combat this on ours was to have a paladin with rightous fury bang on him for 30-40mins to gain agro then lure away from the guards get someone whos got no gear on to hit him then paladin logs off and naked player dies causes helix to reset tedious but the only way with out gm intervention