Cataclysm Classic Hotfixes - July 10

But what about the loot that is missing and how are you going to make it right for those players that where affected by the lost loot?

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blizz wont fix it they still havent fixed arch after 13 + years

This is a new problem though. It worked in original Cata. There is no excuse for the Cata PvP enchant to do nothing.

its only 40 resil thats not a big deal compared to other things that need to be addressed

I think it’s a pretty big deal. I agree a lot is bugged and needs fixed but that doesn’t mean this should be neglected at all. It should be a focus to fix it. The current expansion PvP enchant just doesn’t work. Maybe the PvP season shouldn’t be live if items have no effect.

June 11, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Valor Points will now behave like Conquest and the current weekly cap will be replaced with a rolling seasonal cap.
    • Developer’s note: If you’ve missed any Valor Points in previous weeks since Cataclysm Classic launched, you’ll now be able to catch up from those weeks.
  • There is no longer a cap to the number of times you may earn Valor Points from Random Dungeon Finder each week, up to your normal Valor Points cap.
  • The Hood of Malefic wing affect should work once again.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wrack spell during the Sinestra fight could cause your game to freeze and crash.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Staff of Disintegration from working to help you in the Tempest Keep Kael’Thas encounter.
  • Rotten to the Core is now granted properly after completing the achievement.
  • Darkmoon Faire
    • Starting this weekend, Darkmoon Faire will become available every two weeks, instead of once a month.
  • Hunter
    • Scatter Shot will now correctly break if the target takes damage and it is absorbed.
  • Mage
    • Fixed an issue with Living Bomb behaving incorrectly when refreshed on multiple targets.
    • Pyromaniac now counts Ignite as a damage over time effect.
  • Paladin
    • Hand of Sacrifice will now correctly break Scatter Shot and Dragon’s Breath when damage is transferred to the crowd-controlled Paladin.
  • Priest
    • Prayer of Mending bounces will no longer interrupt the casting Priest’s drinks.
    • Chakra will no longer be canceled if a Prayer of Mending bounces that you had cast before you applied Chakra.
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We would greatly appreciate communication regarding the intent with the nerf to Balance Druids last week and the outlook moving forward

Can we fix Hunter traps not being reflected back at the Hunter. When you spell reflect the txt is displayed “Reflected” but nothing happens.

Also still hoping the PvP chest +40 Resil enchant gets fixed. Thanks for posting this info though it’s appreciated.

How long are these rolling seasons going to be?

Still no mention of Balance Druid changes from a week ago. Interesting.

rolling seasons? this isnt SoD or trash retail we have phases not seasons in classic

40 resil chest enchant is the least of anyones worries there is other pressing issues that need to be addressed and fixed before a chest enchant you have other chest enchants you can use in the mean time

June 12, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Developer’s note: We noticed that Balance druid gameplay was seeing a trend towards sitting in Solar and trying not to leave it, especially in Multi-DoT situations. Not engaging with a decent chunk of your core rotation to stay in Solar Eclipse is not a playstyle that we nor the original developers had intended, so we released a change last week that was aimed at preventing mastery snapshotting pre-pull by resetting Eclipse when engaging a boss.
        We understand this could be a damage reduction in many scenarios and to address this, Insect Swarm now deals Spellstorm (Arcane/Nature) damage so it can now benefit from Lunar Eclipse. This means that when you end up in Lunar Eclipse, you will still be buffing your two core DoTs. We estimate this change to be about a 15% damage increase to Insect Swarm, which is typically a Balance Druid’s second most damaging ability on non-single target encounters. There may still be situations where staying in Solar Eclipse is ideal, and that’s totally fine, we just don’t think it’s healthy for that to be every situation and on every pull.
      • Starting a boss encounter resets Eclipse energy to 0.
      • Insect Swarm is now considered both an Arcane and a Nature spell, causing it to benefit from both Eclipses. The tooltip will be updated in a future update.
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Where was this trend seen? None of the logs on warcraft logs reflect any boomkin parsing blue and above utilizing this? Even if you could snap shot mastery the ONLY fight that this could possibly be logical of doing it on would be halfus. Playing boomy normally stacking haste and getting resets on nature’s grace for 3-4 haste break points on dots yielded far more damage than mastery stacking and sitting in solar.

The only time boomy sits solar is clearing trash before bosses. I’m glad SOMETHING was given to boomy AND an explanation of the shadow nerf to attempt to make up for it, but I really don’t see buffing our 4th highest damage ability by the estimated 15% is going to make up for not being able to pre-pot fights in eclipse state, having our trinket procs not be lined up with eclipse states, having to wait to use engineering gloves until you get into eclipse state instead of at the start causing less glove usage, having cooldowns not being able to be used off the rip of the fight because of having to wait to get into an eclipse state causing less cooldown usage, etc.

I just don’t see this as being a necessary change since playing boomy normally and not sitting in solar yielded more dps anyway according to warcraftlog parses.

This change basically nerfed people playing boomy normally, so you could remove a silly and underperforming way of playing boomkin that did less damage than someone actually playing boomkin correctly.

But besides the fact of this nerfing boomys already playing correctly and removing a playstyle of boomkin that according to warcraftlogs just really isnt even done, You now buffed boomkin in pvp with a damage increase to insect swarm when they already topple over every other dps by miles in damage in RBGs. The meta has now become 3-4 boomkins on a team because the damage is so high that healers just cant keep up and rot out the enemy team in RBGs.

A better fix if the goal was to remove snapshotting, would be to reset boomkin energy meters to 92, not 0, if they were already in an eclipse state at the start of a fight. That way they could still get back into eclipse state quickly and hardly notice a difference in pre-pot, cooldowns, trinket procs, engineering glove uptime, etc. And not indirectly buff one of the strongest RBG classes in the process.

Now I’m not calling the Devs liars when they say they noticed a trend in this type of playstyle happening. Not everyone logs to warcraft logs so it’s very possible people were exploiting this and not recording the logs for it to be seen. But with how gamers are I find it hard to believe that we wouldn’t see at least a few players logging this exploit or playstyle to try to see themselves on the top of the parse rankings if it really was as strong as it is made out to be.

Just as a hypothetical, are we going to put a 10 second cooldown on firemage’s pyroblast ability that resets on hot streak procs? In theory a firemage could sit there all fight hard casting pyroblast instead of fireball for bigger ignites before combustion. It doesn’t preform as well as playing firemage correctly and it isn’t the intended way for firemage’s kit to be played, correct?

TLDR: You nerfed boomkins to remove a playstyle that according to warcraftlogs wasn’t being utilized or just strictly does substantially less damage than playing boomkin the way it was intended and tried to make up for it by buffing our 4th highest damage source. In the process you buffed boomkins in PvP when they were already miles above everyone in damage output shifting the RBG meta to being 3-4 boomkins per team.

The trap is its own entity. Spell reflecting the trap back at the trap is how it works. But the trap despawns on using its ability so it doesnt really take the effect on the trap as it is despawned.

This is one of the strengths of hunter trap vs say polymorph and is part of why traps have CDs while sheep does not.

Its a pro and con comparison.

It has never worked that way. When you spell reflect a Frozen trap the hunter is now Frozen. You are reflecting his trap at him. Been that way since it’s inception.

No you are just hilariously wrong. I’ve always reflected Hunter traps back at them and that was the skill in doing it. Since you save your Spell reflect for the trap with the purpose of reflecting the CC onto the Hunter. That’s the skill play and currently it’s not working.

June 13, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Race change, faction change, and paid server transfer cooldowns reduced to 3 days (was 30 days).
  • Magmaw will no longer fall backwards during Impale, preventing players from doing damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Horde team was getting less resource points per tick with three locations captured in the Eye of the Storm, than the Alliance team would in the same situation.
  • Improved combat logging of certain effects.
  • Death Knight
    • Death Coil will no longer critically heal for 300% of the normal value, instead of the intended 200%.
  • Rogue
    • Vendetta no longer persists on the target when the Rogue specs out of the talent.

Where is our R14 transmogs? PLS!!! LET IT WORK!!!!!!!