Cataclysm Classic Hotfixes - July 10

When are you guys going to fix RDF level brackets seem to be completely out of whack . Also playing with friends - anything over 1 level difference between us makes it impossible to queue together when leveling, and in some cases not being on the same level yields the same exact result. My shaman is level 35 and can’t do SM Library anymore. Its been like this sense Pre-Patch.

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Still ignoring that loot-a-rang doesn’t work at all?

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Are going to get fix for RDF it’s been bugged sense pre-patch or is the problem going to be ignored?

May 29, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Fixed an issue that could cause disconnects while aiming and shooting the Siege Tank during the “Battlezone” quest in Uldum.

i have been waiting for ages now to see this barber worgen bug where i cannot access the seats to change my gender to male worgen and vise versa its just frustrating please community manager is there any possible bright outlook for us worgen players ?

May 30, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • When Nitro Boosts malfunction in a raid encounter, they will now also grant increased movement speed as well as damage their user.
  • The Greater Inscription shoulder enchants available at exalted with Therazane are now Bind-to-Account.
  • Death Knight
    • Fixed an issue where Death Knights sometimes did not gain the benefit of Improved Blood Presence.
  • Priest
    • Fixed an issue where the spell casting haste from Time Warp and Primal Rage was able to stack with Power Infusion’s spell casting haste, which was not intended.
  • Rogue
    • Blind can no longer trigger poisons applied to the Rogue’s ranged weapon.
  • Warlock
    • Fixed an issue where some Warlocks retained the benefit of the Nemesis talent from Wratch of the Lich King Classic, which no longer exists in Cataclysm Classic.

Killing machine isn’t always causing a crit.



Can we get a fix on RDF it’s been bugged sense pre-patch Deadmines gone at level 17, I read someone went to Strat underleveled. Other dungeons are disappearing before there max level. I made several topics on this and not one answer. Here’s a screenshot of my shaman in SM Library but I can’t que for it because of the RDF bug.

please fix the dungeons achievements and maybe give us warglaives to transmog

I can confirm that Deadmines is gone before the max level is gone.

June 3, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Honor rewards from completing a random battleground or a holiday battleground have been increased by 100%.
  • Fixed an issue with Admiral Ripsnarl’s visual effect.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the completion of the achievement Acrocalypse Now.
  • Priest
    • Atonement healing will now de-prioritize pets, and will only heal them if their health is very low compared to available player targets. It will treat them as if their health percentage is 50% higher when evaluating targets.
    • Fixed an issue with Shadowy Apparitions that prevented them from being summoned under certain circumstances.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed a problem with Precision where it was granting an unintended additional 1/2/3% chance to hit.

Any idea when we might be able to transmog to the R14 gear like you guys said we’d be able to?


Thank god we fixed that, wouldn’t want to actually make the game playable, it is better to make everyone feel safe in a literal world of WARCRAFT where demons, unfathomable horrors and death litter the landscape…


Just in time to remain behind!

ok that is a start, what about the 7 other bugged dungeon achievements?


still no fix towards worgen barber shop sick

Weekly Valor did not reset for myself and others I’ve seen in chat. Others report it did for them. Please fix asap!

EDIT: Logging out of B-Net launcher completely and logging into another character fixed it. Not sure if it was either of these or timing. But it’s fixed for me personally now.

its not just deadminees, tons of dungeons are bugged like this, rdf matchmaking is buggy asf too

At this rate I think they will still have unfixed Cataclysm bugs when they release Mists of Pandaria.

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