Cata naysayers back to back lying

stop with this “nobody wants cata”
a lot of us want cata, stop speaking in our behalf


Most people that say that have been hate posting Cata and living in pservers for 10 years. They don’t know anything else but hating Cata. It is their life work. They don’t even know why they hate Cata. They simply do it.


Every time I do any pug/dungeon run, I ask folks if they are excited for Cata, they all say yes.

Pretty much everyone who still logs, plays & farms stuff is going to play Cataclysm.


Those of us who don’t want CATA it’s because that’s NOT classic. They simplified the talent trees and ruined the world. Blizzard simply needs to make servers for people that want to play their favorite expac. they have never listened to their fan base.


Oh look, another rotating ALT (with 2 whole posts) rolling into the forums pretending to be someone distinct.


my man God quitted game because of vanilla classic. he hated that version of WoW.
Admin announce it → He is quickly gone
There is folks of àll type


You lied to yourself thinking Classic is just 1-3 xpacs.

It’s not.

CLassic is just the name of the product with the purpose of going through older expansions.

You lied to yourself. Now you’re paying the price. Imagine having such low self esteem that you’re personally triggered over a game.


I agree. I don’t know where people are coming up with this notion of “classic is xpac 1 thru x”… Classic is nothing more than a meaning for something old that is being still read/used/played.

A classic car is a great example. A 1965 mustang is a classic mustang, it may be refurbished back to original factory or in original state but that is what a classic is, not retrofitted into an EV.


While you’re of course free to do whatever you’d like, I’d recommend not wasting your time or energy on telling the naysayers to stop.

100% Cata Classic is happening. And of course people will play it. That’s not even a question.

I suspect that most of the naysayers will also play it (and really, really, really enjoy it. It’s their favorite expansion ever, they are just embarrassed by this for some unknown reason, and always want to throw Cata hate in everyone’s faces to see if that’s a reasonable thing. It isn’t.).



Embarrassed by not being able to do heroic dungeons.


I dont think any of us know. It seems more like that’s it’s half half in terms of people who want to and simply do not want to.

The reality is however that it is way easier to jump ship off of cataclysm after the first 4 weeks to go into SoD than it was with tbc or wotlk into retail.

I dont expect a higher raiding number than 400000 the first raid tier. I dont think cataclysm is bad, but the way you can just swap to a more appealing version for many is what will make it less popular in the end.

You don’t buy a classic car for the fuel efficiency or exhaust emissions.

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You have no swag.


Only someone who regularly lies about others believes others regularly lie about them.

There’s no lying, people just have different experience and perspectives, though flawed they may seem on things. People who are going out of their way to mess with you on a topic argue in bad faith and are pretty easy to spot.

There’s a lot of people who don’t want Cata posting on here and they believe their opinion is an overwhelming majority.

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Oh no, my “put 5 points into this box for 5% crit became put 2 points into this box for 5% crit and that is just unacceptable. And and and outdated and bad leveling zones get changed for the better and end up having fun stories that actually tell the story of the zones and their overarching stories” types of players, like you, never have any tangible negatives.

The worst parts of cata is “””harder content””” which, skill diff, and 13 or so months of spine/madness. The rest of cata is extremely solid.

If you want classic, got 3 versions you can go play, buh-bye.

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Reporting your post as trolling because 2/3 of it is pathetically soy


To me, cata signaled the end of what I like about wow. I love big talent trees and feeling like my character grew with each level (I hated leveling though in wow which is contradictory) and at max level, just looking at the talent tree was fun for me to figure out if there was any changed I could make to either get more DMG or more utility without sacrificing too much damage. It didn’t really change too much but I enjoy that portion. When cata changed it, I wasn’t too happy but also it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I still had talent trees. MoP is actually when talent trees got terrible in my opinion (unless it wasn’t mop that had just the 5 lines with three things to choose from). There is a reason I like poe.

Becoming a pink rogue felt terrible as well which really pushed me away from staying with the game. That and feeling forced to do all of my dailies for rep.

The raids were amazing, the dungeons were also amazing, and I could care less about old zones.

Wrath was still my favorite because of lich king and undead. That’s the only reason I came back to wow was because I heard thc classic which meant wotlk classic. Tried retail, didn’t really enjoy it in shadow lands.

Hot take as well, LFR was amazing. Being almost forced to do LFR for tier was where it felt terrible.

Finally, I am not playing pink rogue again. I just want to mash abilities with no thoughts, only big numbers.


No, that’s you taking out of context what we mean by undermining our point of views to push your narrative about what Cata is or isn’t.


I played WoW since the first week of launch. I was the second level 60 priest on my server in vanilla. I was in raids that got several server firsts for raid bosses. I was the first level 70 draenei shaman on my server, and got a level 70 in BC of every class on alliance, and a 70 of every class but druid horde side. And again hitting level 80 in WotLK with almost every class horde side. I loved WoW, but I hated Cata so much it caused me to cancel my account, only renewing again a few years ago for classic.

A lot of us who hated Cata know exactly why we hated it. I also think it’s dumb to think that people think and feel the same way I do about things, so I get tons of people are looking forward to Cata, and that’s cool. But for me, I hated Cata because it changed WoW so much to where I felt like it was a different game. The old quests where mostly gone. The dungeons were changed. The classes had too many changes to them. The map was a strange parody of what it used to be. It was a different game and the old game I loved was gone.

That said, I don’t really know what other option there is. Not many people want to play WotLK forever. With SoD out, it feels like WotLK is dying off as is. I think they should pull some resources from Cata Classic and focus more on a Classic+ (which I’m sure Blizz is working on), and do a more robust version like SoD in terms of content and class balancing. If they added more dungeons to vanilla, finished Azshara, added the rumored Scarlet Citadel raid, etc, damn that would be awesome.


What you mean is irrelevant.

Go ahead and link what Blizzard defines as “classic”. The only thing you can do is show that they’re putting that title on Cata, which, would make it classic.

Your head canon means nothing.