Casual vs 1% should stop

I know of no one that complained about this.

And with Covenants/Conduits/Soulbinds/Legendaries, this still more true than ever, as they are so many layers to the system, no one can figure it out on their own without tools.

And you think Systemslands is going to make it easier with that many layers and variables ?

How we have fun is doing the content. The talents and builds are just tools that help us perform in said content. Funny notion uh : it’s the dungeon/raid/PvP that’s fun, not the little glowy buttons we press.

If that were true, not being able to swap wouldn’t be an issue, because being viable would be enough. Yet many people have stated loudly and definitively that optimizing their character for any given type of content is how they have fun.

I’m playing Final Fantasy IV right now.

There’s no systems, no builds, no nothing. Your party is selected for you based on where you are in the story. All your party members have a clearly defined set of “best gear”.

Is Final Fantasy IV not an RPG ? Can we stop pretending loadout customization is an RPG thing ?

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Let them have their uber grindy game no one can keep up with unless no lifer because vast majority will leave then they will cry why does it cost 50-60 dollars per month to play and why can’t we fill our raid team.

The fun is definately the content. Being optimized just feels good while running it. Lots of humans have this string thing where they just don’t like being merely “Viable”, they want to be the best they can be, for themselves and their groups.

I really don’t get how some of you really want this imposed mediocrity when it serves no actual purpose in game, and in fact, hinders what could be a really great RP choice. Selecting your Sanctum, improving it, getting cool armor and weapons, recruiting adventurers to your cause all are great RPG elements and tropes on their own, they don’t need some kind of restrictive and locked in power element to be “weighty”.

Just looking at 2 cool covenants with awesome missions and a story to pursue, a branch to 2 different paths to take your toon, is a weighty decision on its own.

Yeah, that’s why they delayed, not because of :

Been over this before. Read John Hight’s blog post.

Who is that and why do I care what he says ?

Look, my point is only that if you think it’s a 1% and Balance thing that made them delay beta, your eyes are closed to the actual state of Beta. They are still actively fixing classes and questing issues, some of which are game breaking.

And some people like blood sausage.

The true casuals and true 1%ers don’t gaf about this argument lol

They both just want WOW to be fun

For things like the covenant and conduit restrictions, casuals and 1%ers aren’t at odds with each other.

Both groups dislike the restrictions.

But some people make it seem like it only effects the 1%ers and that the casuals are being served well with these restrictions. That just isn’t true.

It’s a sad attempt at pitting 2 groups against one another that actually share more mutual interests than is ever communicated.

I don’t want imposed mediocrity. I am however in favor of character building over load out style gameplay. Optimizing a character in a system that doesn’t allow for ease and flexibility is MORE challenging and makes specialized characters more exclusive. The majority of character builds would end up as jacks of all trades while serious PVPers or raiders or m+ players would opt for the specialized build which is cool, IMO.

RPG elements and power progression don’t need to be at odds for each one to work. Believing so is just stupid. There are plenty of ways to make RP fun and interesting without ruining practical day-to-day game play.

Also, if you’re not aware, another name min/maxing or meta is power fantasy. Players wanting to wear the most powerful gear, select the best skills/talents, use the most effective potions, etc. have been a core principle behind almost every RPG game ever, and I’ve been playing RPG games going as far back as the Commodore 64. This is not new behavior.

The biggest problem I see isn’t what power-fantasy driven players want and the notion that it will ruin the game for more RP focused casuals … because it won’t. It’s ridiculous to say so. it’s that Blizzard has latched on to a bad idea that lacks creativity and actively ruins the game play for so many, and blind Blizzard shills are defending them for no other reason than they are triggered. I mean, I have yet to see a sound argument from the blind blizzard faithful that isn’t just a troll reaction hurled at the so-called elitists just to purposely try and screw them over.

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They cared that Casuals got 475 gear from M+

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Conduits don’t build your character, they’re just flat % power gains.

No, it’s not. It’s just infuriating and creates resentment. It creates the sense that no matter what you do or pick, you’ll be unoptimized somewhere, so it creates apathy, where people just close their eyes and pick randomnly because none of the choices are good anyway. You have to choose between WRONG and WRONG.

The majority of PvPers or Raiders or M+ players massively overlap.

No, they didn’t. And 475 gear from M+ is still a thing exactly how it was in Shadowlands.

You’re talking about 465 gear from M+. And most of the people I’ve seen cheer the whole 210 thing are casuals, not the more hardcore crowd.

You think Method is happy M+ end of dungeons gives less powerful gear ? (well, Method doesn’t care because they’re dead anyhow, but the point still stands).

It’s “Casuals” who felt forced to do M+ to gear up that were cheering this change. Get your crowds straight.

Most of the M+ complaints I saw were from mythic raiders who said M+ should never be able to come close to mythic raid loot. I’m not saying they don’t have a valid argument but just responding to the question of whether the 1% cared about what the 99% were doing.

I literally never saw those posts. I saw a bunch of people say “M+ is too lucrative, it’s the only good way to gear up, please nerf!” from casuals.

Most Mythic raiders enjoy M+ and how it serves them early on to quickly gear up after their full heroic clear of the week.

That makes no sense. Casuals should ask for more ways they could gear up, not ways to nerf others from gearing up.

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