(Casual) Returner LF Guild

Hello people of Turalyon. I know there is a discord server for the realm and everything, but I think it’s sort of hard to go through (my opinion I am not criticizing anything don’t hurt me).

Anyhow, this is my home server, and since I am coming back to the game I wanted to start here to see if there were any guilds (either faction) that were looking for maybe someone to be casual and level up with them or a social player that can help get everyone back to life. Maybe even join the life that’s already there ;). I’m really just trying to find a home, so if anyone out there in this wide world… of warcraft… wants to talk it out and see if I’d fit, I’d really love to hear from you guys.

Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your time. Have a good morning/day/night depending on when you catch this.

Hello Mushoomie and welcome back to the game.

If you need a home, or a place holder until you find one feel free to look at us, Annunaki.
We are a small AotC guild that also takes in social//casual players.
I’ll include a link below with more in depth info (you can ignore the raiding stuff) and also a link to our discord server.


Or feel free to add me on btag: eternalinfer#1281

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