Casual Player, Looking for chill guild to join

Hello, I’ve played WoW on and off since vanilla. I was in a few raiding guilds, but now I’m just looking for a casual guild to play with. I play the story solo mostly, but I always miss out on dungeons and such that way. Looking to play with adults(ish) folks, LGBTQ+ friendly, non-racist, folks. Doesn’t matter what server or faction, since I normally start over around launches :smiley: I’d love a place to share mats and such for crafting, and folks to share cool Bop drops I might find. And it’s always great to share knowledge!


My guild Legalize Peacebloom [A] - Whisperwind, a newly formed guild whose core members have been AOTC every tier since legion. We consist of players of all types, from hardcore veterans, to returning players, to the brand new raiders checking out the scene for the first time. We sometimes dip our toes in a little mythic raiding, but our focus is AOTC and Mythic +'s. We have a strong Mythic+ community, so if that’s your thing, come check us out. We only ask that you be respectful of the people around you. We’re mostly all in our 30’s and enjoy a good laugh, but when it’s time to raid, it’s time to raid. We are a new guild looking to expand our ranks and our community. We currently have people running keys from 2s to 22s, and will be raiding Friday and Saturday 8-1030pm est come DF. If you’re interested let me know. My discord is Arriesa#9139. I look forward to chatting with you.


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Hello, come join Ember Moon on Korgath, we don’t take things too seriously because we have kids, jobs, and lives. We do usually group up for some dungeons or group activities during the week.

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If you’re interested in chilling with alliance hit me back and let’s talk!

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Hi Marwaz,
Corrupted Intent is a 18+ horde guild on the server Area 52 looking for like minded players to come join us, with an AOTC/Mythic Focus come Dragonflight. We are LGBTQ+ Friendly and we dont tolerate Racism either.

What you should know

  • Current GM has 14 years of experience as a GM, Officers and RL have years of experience as well
  • We enjoy running keys, any level from 2’s all the way to 15+'s.

Raid Information & Expectations:

  • Raid days and times are Friday & Sat from 7:00pm-10pm EST
  • 80% attendance & punctuality and accountability for raids
  • Willingness to become familiar with the raids if never done them before
  • Discord for raiding

What you can expect from us as a guild:

  • Open and honest constructive criticism and feedback
  • We joke around a lot but know when to be serious
  • Communication
  • A sense of community and direction
  • We love doing events such as Transmog runs, Mount runs, Duel Pvp nights, Trivia nights etc
  • An active discord

What we need:

  • Looking for like minded people who want to progress in raids & run keys as well
    Looking for heals and dps currently but subject to change

What we expect from our guildies:

  • Respectful of one another & a team player
  • Ability to take constructive criticism
  • A sense of humor
  • Discord for raiding, events and socially chatting with each other.
  • Knowledge of your class

Contact information:
Any questions/inquires please reach out via discord, btag or comment
Btag: Aria#13773
Discord: xstarlite#2756

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Marwaz, what a great introduction post. A guild member pointed me to this post, because we think you’d be a good fit here.

Antithesis, a guild on Zul’jin, is looking for someone exactly like youtself. We are horde, the only discrimination we have is that you not be alliance. We are diverse group of adults, a number of different backgrounds. We do not talk politics and we do not tolerate any toxicity.

I have been in the guild for a little over 10 years. We do not yell at each other, let anger manifest into toxic chat, we get along. The reason for that I think is because we are a smaller guild (plan on raiding with 15,) so we know each other as people, not just raid spots. We keep working to a goal, we don’t yell at each other. We’re all human and make mistakes, we do not forget the humanity aspect of being part of a group.

Raid time is Friday and Saturday 8-11 EST.
We run plenty of M+ and other activities on discord on off raid hours.

If you’d like to chat more,
Bnet - Rusty#1915
Bnet - Corvidae#11885

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Hi Marwaz!

I think you would be a great addition to our guild and community, Found a Green Quest! If someone is looking for friendly social community, the beating heart of a MMO, Found a Green Quest is the place. While we have Keystone masters and amazing players, we have many more in the community either returning to WoW, in classic or just finding their way through the World of Warcraft in a casual friendly environment. We have mythic Mondays for a respectful and fun environment. We raid weekly in Wednesdays and Thursdays and are interested in building up people not tearing them down. We have plans for guild sponsored PVP, regular t-mog runs to old content, Guild trivia and game nights, Pet battle tournaments, almost any activity you can think of in the game. If you’re a high key pushers but are getting turned off by negativity, or are a casual looking for a fun and friendly community or are a new or returning player intimidated by everything you see ingame and in Wowhead, we have Plenty of people ready to help you out. Give Found a Green Quest shot and you wont regret it.

Let Kiuayoukai or Vathorean, know if you’re interested!

Discord Kiuayoukai#2395 Kiua#1912
Discord Nightraven2015#7854 DrDruid#1321

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Hi Marwaz,

My guild is looking for social members in addition to raid members, im gonna put my guild info here and if it looks like something you might like, feel free to contact either of us at the bottom

Clan Seppuku is sweet 16 and driving our 1993 Astro van, join us as we follow lvl 60 ETC on tour living off of stale beer and chips.

Cross faction play encouraged, and looking forward to cross faction guilds when its a thing.

We are a World 2st™(pronounced “toost”) inclusive guild that does AotC, M+ for funzies, lotteries, raffles, Darts, hide n seek, TONK WARS, and so much room for activities. We are not a Mythic raid guild, been there done that, not worth the burn out.

Our 3 raid teams will be recruiting for Dragonflight raiding beginning officially in January, we all have real lives and there are holidays coming up.

Tentative raid schedule is as follows

Team 1
Tues 8pm-10pm
Sun 730pm-930pm

Team 2
Wed + Thurs 10pm-12am

Team 3
Fri + Sat 9pm-11pm

All raid times are EST

We are also looking for social members. It’s not all about raiding.

We do M+ every Monday to get anyone who needs a key completed for the week. Push groups will be forming on their own as logistics allow it

We are a ZERO drama guild. No Political or Religious discussions in public chats, it’s too divisive and we all know Garrosh was a chad, and Light Zealots are out of their minds.

Join our cross server community - “Clan Seppuku Cross Faction Dalaran” for additional info
Or apply directly in game on Dalaran-US(horde only at this time) put WoW forums in your application comment section.

Contact info
Wraist - GM - btag Wraist#1129
Arcanepet - Officer -btag Petrubo#1763

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Thanks for all the Responses folks. I run the Deli and Bakery in a grocery store, so it being Thanksgiving time in the states…I have been so busy! I’m going to look through all these posts! I’m so glad that there’s community still in the game :smile:


Hello Marwaz!
I thought maybe you might be a good fit for us so I wanted to drop by and tell you a bit about our little family! We are a progressively-minded AOTC Alliance guild on Stormrage, that’s currently looking for more players to add to our roster for DragonFlight. We raid on Fri-Sat nights from 9:30-12:30 EST. I’m including the link to our guild information for you to check out if you find an interest to do, as we do have other things going on throughout the week and plan to be adding to that soon! If you are interested in learning more about us or have any questions please be sure to contact me! The best way to reach me is on Discord at Byndi#5161. I hope to hear back from you soon and that you have a great night!

[H] - hunderlord. A friendly, welcoming bunch that’s 35+. We are looking for all specs and classes, and alts can find a home with us as well. We focus on having fun with the game that we all enjoy, in a non-toxic and supportive environment. We are looking forward to Dragonflight, enjoying some casual chat on discord, and building toward mythic+ and raiding. We have members that have been playing for years and years, and members who are new to the game! We encourage you to play the way that you want to play, and we are here to support you. I would love to chat with you about it- you can reply here or you can find me on Discord at meeeow#5711. Or find us in guild finder - just make sure you note your age and a little something that lets us know you’ve seen this and know what a we are about.

Hi Marwaz!

I am building a semi-casual guild on Stormrage (Alliance), and think we could be a good fit. The goal is to strike a balance between the raiding and casual world, all while having fun with a group of friends.

If you are interested in chatting, my Btag is LivyKat#11178, and my Discord is LivyKat#8880. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hit me up in Discord at Ehlissa#9836 and let’s talk. I think you’re perfect for us based on what you’ve posted.

Hey Marwaz,

Hello! :slight_smile: I am the GM of the new guild Pandas with Headsets on Area 52 Horde. We are an active yet new LGBTQIA+ guild looking for more friends to do stuff with come DF! No, you do not need to be a pandaren to join :smiley: We do plan to raid, we are currently voting on the days in our discord.

Here is my recruitment spam if you’d like to know more:

If you have any questions or simply just want to know more, please don’t hesitate to DM me directly on disc: wigglehugs#6738

I cannot wait to hear back from you & I hope you have a magical day!
:heart: / Oli

The Clique is a friendly, casual, heroic raiding guild on the alliance side of the Norgannon server. We also have a guild community so we can cross faction into raids and M+. We have been around sense early in Burning Crusade. A lot of our core members have known one another for a long time, and we offer a stable, friendly environment to new raiders or seasoned raiders that want a break from hardcore environments.
We are currently are recruiting for raiding in Dragon Flight hits. We raid 9:45pm to 12:45am CST on Tuesday and Sunday. We are currently looking for range dps to round out our raiding team. Our guild boasts quite a few west coast members, a few night owls, and a few parents who find time to play after their kids have gone to sleep.
In general, we are a group of people that play wow because we enjoy the people we play with and we have a lot of fun together raiding. If this sounds like a good fit for what you are looking to do, I highly recommend checking us out and getting in touch with a member of the guild.
If you are interested in joining us or have any questions please feel free to contact anyone in the guild. My battle tag is Hadorya#1497 on discord at Hadorya #3191. Flair#1625 is avaible as well.

Marwaz, I saw your in game application, but are unable to whisper that toon. Bnet is still a little wonky