Casual Player LF Friendly/Social Guild

Hand of the Dark Lady is a small casual horde guild on the Illidan server.
We are a group of friends who casually raid maintaining a fun and mature environment while trying not to make WoW a second job.Big focus on family and community as we try to get AOTC and progress the Guild and its members.

We are recruiting to finish building out our raid team and have more mythic+ and pvp groups running. We are growing slowly but need plenty more. Undergeared and leveling ok as we can help with that!

Raid Times:
Friday and Saturday start times 8-9pm central. We normally raid for 3 hours
ending at 11-12pm central.

Current Progress

you are encouraged to play the class you have most fun with.
all slots open come check us out!


Hey there Alixzandria! Welcome back to the game!

Angry Campfire-Thrall is a casual guild which raids (normal and heroic), does mythic pluses, pvp and achievement runs. We are a group of friends that just want to clear content at our own pace and have fun. Current raiding times are 8:30 Eastern Time on Thursdays and Saturdays.

We are a guild that is currently growing, but we have people on most times of the day to do different content and are planning events to keep everyone active. We also are a group of good friends which would love for you to join :smiley:

Feel free to contact me if you are interested!
Battletag: BlueRaffle#1267
Discord: Something Appropriate#5632

Would love to hear from you