Cardinal Mending nerf kills Hpriest PvP

Topic title. We no longer have any any sustained healing on the move. Outside of 2 HW:Serenity, we have no instant cast heals. As a result, we’re now much weaker against any singular melee class.

The new Sanctified ground is an absolute joke as you yourself will only get at most 4 seconds of cast time out of it because of the GCD. That is not enough time for any substantial healing or dps out of a DPS class.

Greater Heal is not a valid substitute when it has a cast time as long as it does. Taking both Greater Heal and Sanctified Ground to force it to work means you’re stuck with 60 second 1 charge Serenity.

So far, not liking PvP for Hpriest this patch.


I wouldn’t really say it’s killed HPriest, been playing 2s, 3s and bgs and it’s still really strong. I’m still taking Cardinal Mending in most cases.

You may need to cast just a little bit more Flash Heal which was buffed, but we’re still a quite mobile healer with tons of instant casts.

It’s also a buff for 3s against rot comps and for bgs. Also, taking the Conduit that increases the first tick of POM has been quite nice.

speaking on this, I have the … what is it legendary… sagacity or something, the one that gives you ability to cast while moving.

So the problem as I’m reading it and thinking about its use:

If I stack it up all the way that gives me 10 seconds of casting while moving and given what spells I have, I have a good feeling I could keep it up majority of the time.

But does it mean I’m running and casting a heal spell with the cast-time loading while I’m running?

I think this might be good if dealing with melee, except when I’m dealing with melee I’m 90% of the time snared and aren’t going anywhere and they are within range of me to be able to kick/interupt/stun whatever I’m about to do. This is more obvious with ranged who just sit back and watch me not be able to cast anything until I los them.

So… my question is: Is it possible that casting while running for a priest is so useless because our utility is so bad that a great legendary idea is useless on us?

I see lots of potential with being able to cast while running, but when you can’t outrun anything, like whats going on?

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After using sanctified ground any hardcast heal/flash heal gets buffed by 50% anyway with the covenant trait, even if you just get 1 off that’s all you really need, but then again in regular battlegrounds(haven’t tested other pvp) sanctified ground fails against demon hunter’s interrupt.

I’m guessing this is a bug as we’re supposed to be immune to interrupts, so I don’t bother taking it if any of them are on the enemy’s team.

As for cardinal mending I haven’t really touched it since the nerf. I still use mending regardless though due to the harmonius apparatus legendary.

The entire problem is that using it for the sanctified ground means you cannot use it to heal a teammate and vice versa. Whereas with the old Holy Word:Concentration, you could actually have flexibility in using it to bolster a caster dps or yourself while retaining that pocket heal, this is no longer the case.

to fix that you’d want the sanctified ground to appear under the priest after using “holy word: sanctify?” so you could theoretically use it anywhere then?

Yes. There’s also the fact that they need to return the original duration of 8 seconds to make it more usable. 5 seconds (4 actual casting time with capped haste GCD reduction) is not enough.

I always thought the new sanctified ground is actual worse than before.

I still think Holy priest is in a good spot for 2s and 3s tho. Just not as dominant as it used to be in 9.0

This may not be an issue with Demon Hunters, but they never fixed the downward z-radius on the spell effect. You can test this by using Sanctified Ground on stairs and you’ll see if you’re below the visual effect you don’t get the effect, but if you’re above you do.

So on uneven terrain you may think you’re standing in the effect, but you’re not. I plan on making a weak aura just for this.

I was hoping they’d fix it before the patch launched. As a rule of thumb always cast it at your feet to prevent this issue.

They must have nerfed the duration because now that it’s tied to Sanctify you can actually reduce it’s cooldown. You can even use Apotheosis to reset it and use it twice in a row.

Yea like we are going to spam renew over and over to reduce the cooldown… It’s pretty dumb ability when you can just be stunned over it, causing you to blow fade on top of it anyway. Even then you only get 3 seconds instead of 4. Deathknights monks and eles also knocking you out of it constantly just to get kicked right after. It’s honestly useless imo unless its to get a mindgames off at a critical moment. Still gotta use fade with it though.

Holy ward has been way better imo. You just juke the kick and eat the stun. Or use it right before the druid bash/clones or before you get db/poly. It’s a way more flexible ability. Imo sanctified ground needs multiple people benefiting from it at one time to even be useful. Although it seems nice at first, it doesn’t cause the enemy to use any abilitys. Atleast with holy ward you can bait and eat cooldowns.

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Cardinal Mending w/ Focused Mending still front loads a decent amount of healing. It’s about 3k and then you get 1.8k each bounce (excludes Echo bonus). If it does all its bounces it’s still healing roughly 10k which was a little less than what Cardinal Mending did before. It’s good for countering rot teams, but bad for just focus healing yourself unless you’re getting bounces.

Greater Heal is decent with the update, but will oom you if you rely it on your crutch, and it also exposes you a bit to kicks.

Holy Priests are kind of in the middle of where they were in BFA and Shadowlands where now you can’t just rely on 90% instant casts to stay alive. You have to hard cast more.

We just don’t really know what combination of PvP talents is the meta yet.

Good time to try out Flash Concentration with the newly buffed Divine Ascension

I saw that nerf and the nerf to serenity and I instantly just died on the inside. That was hands down one of our most useful talents and they gutted it, serenity wasnt gutted nearly as much but still feels bad.

I am happy about the flash heal buff, but I don’t think that will be enough honestly. Seems like they just want us to take the flying grace talent really.

That may sound good on paper in a PVE scenario, but it’s much different in PvP. Old Cardinal Mending provided that instant 10% max hp on casting it, which was incredibly important. The bouncing heal was absolutely insignificant both in amount and in performance as it can always bounce to someone who isn’t getting focused.

Greater heal is absolutely terrible because skilled teams will just wait to CC/interrupt till the last second. You also cannot oom yourself on it as it costs less than flash heal but it comes with a 12 second cooldown. As for being exposed to kicks, outside of Holy Words, all priest spells are exposed to kicks. The difference between an Hpriest compared to all other healers save maybe a mistweaver is that we’re forced to stand there and hardcast heals to get our big healing holy words back. Their heals have naturally low CD’s.

If Greater Heal had a 2 second base cast time instead of 3 seconds, it’d be a different story.

I can guarantee you that there’s only 2 floating options for PvP talents at the moment. Greater Fade will absolutely be 100% a must pick every single time because you can dodge CC’s using it. The other 2 will be heavily influenced by what you’re facing, but all of them will feel insubstantial and incomplete.

EDIT: Greater heal is 200 more mana than flash heal.

I wanted Sanctified Ground to be a thing (my arena partner is a Boomkin) , but after doing some 2s the past couple of days I realized very quickly that the extra defense is needed (Greater Fade locked in, swapped Cardinal Mending for Greater Heal) and have had more success with Divine Ascension, even if it’s just to leap out of the way to cast Greater Heal out of range of most interrupts. What’s also nice is it seems to work “better” to cast stuff like Holy Fire and Smite a little out of the way.

Spirit of Redemption might be worthwhile, but I’m still using X’anshi as a crutch right now. Some of these melee hurt a LOT.

I have been running Greater Fade, Miracle Worker, and either Cardinal Mending for rot or heavy sustained cleave or Divine Ascension to stall things like WW and Arms warrior bursts.