Captured Firefly

My sister gave me my Firefly back in BC. I’ve always treasured it.

Every time I’m in Zangar I farm a bit, I’ve never had one drop.

I’m not selling many pets at the moment.


I got it back in wrath on my rogue and i couldn’t sell it either. Hmmm… idk if i still have it I’d have to look, if i don’t i guarantee i didn’t sell it but for a couple thousand sadly.

I dunno if I have one but it sounds familiar. May have farmed for it and gave up. Or bought it. Can’t remember.

Looking thru my pet collection on the armory is an eye-straining endeavor.

edit: guess I got it back then. Firefly in my collection, not even leveled. There’s also a Violet Firefly which is 25. Obviously it’s a better color. >_< When I cage it, just says Firefly - wowhead says it’s what comes out of the captured firefly cage. Iono.

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It’s original cage had the inscription “Still flying”.

It’s a shame that’s gone.


Tell them to kiss your ooker.

I’m looking at one in the AH, being offered for 70,000g.

Thanks for the reminder to look. I’ve still never gotten one.


This is why it’s still my favorite pet.


You mean the dropped one from Zangarmarsh? It’s rare… O.o

I did not know this. Thank you. I have a two at least.


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those people telling you to list for 500k/1 million are giving you bad advice, if its up for 85k for a week why would you list higher? Tell them to just buy it and list it themselves.


If this was the case, those people would have kept their mouth shut, ran to the AH and bought it themselves and relist it.


the thing is its a “niche” market.

sure, some thigns do sell for tons, but the buyer has to be the kind that thinks its worth it.

most players are not pet battlers or collectors of battle pets.

why some stuff (even outside of pets) take a long time before gettign a buyer.

TBH despite the rarity, it’s only going to sell to a completionist for more than five figures. Shrine Fly, which can be found all over Jade Forest, is identical in function and coloration.


You could sit there and post your pet for an eternity until someone finally buys it. Doesn’t really matter if it’s 500k or 85. It depends on your server. I see the value on some servers is around 95k while 300k+ on others. I’d take the “value” you see with a grain of salt because at the end of the day someone actually needs to PAY that.

When you do finally sell it, if you do, you will probably wonder if you sold it too cheap and someone bought it to resell it lol.

Like someone already pointed out most serious pet collectors, me included, already have these rare pets.

As a newer player myself, I bought the Firefly during Legion. Not going to waste time farming for tradable super-rare drops. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Don’t forget you can learn the pet, cage it with a fresh alt on a big server and try to sell it for about a token worth which you can then use for game time / $15 balance.

i can say i tried to farm that for weeks and never got 1 to drop. rarity says its 1-1000 and i got 2236 on 1 toon with no drop pretty rare pet. should be worth more

Okay, This is your realm.

The median price for your realm is 50k. You’re selling for 500k. That’s your first mistake.

However, here’s the thing. I’m a pet collector. (1072 unique atm)

Now, why would I spend 500k on a pet that’s rather easy to collect, even if I had a toon on Thunderhorn, when I can just look on a site like Theunderminejournal and see that, oh, there’s one on… Blackrock for 25,000g?

Hell, with pets I’m not in a rush to get, I’ll just set a text alert to alert me when it pops up on any realm for less than like 5000g. Then I’ll pop on that realm, offer something like a rarer pet someone will can easily sell for more than 5k in trade chat, and boom, I’ll have the pet.

Pets are a hard market to get into. If you want to do it, you need to use something like Undermine Journal. It can’t tell you if it sold, but it can tell you what it was priced for and how long it was up for.

I know the site says the average is 100k, and people have suggested you put it at that, but you won’t sell it for 100k. At 100k, even on populated realms like Proudmoore, you’re competing with the REALLY hard to get pets, like Spawn of Krag’wa (Mythic-Only Battle of Dazar’alor), Trading-Card Game Pets, or super rare drops like Everliving Spore or Spineclaw Crab.

Your best bet would honestly be to price it at like 50k, and just repost it until it sells. You CAN post it at 100k, and you might get lucky and get a pet collector on your realm who really wants it, but your best bet would likely be 50k.


Amen. Occasionally I see threads where people want to transfer gold and it never fails that someone will say “just buy pets and resell them!” Ugh. As the kids these days say: this makes me cringe.

I level and sell pets every day and is not a booming business. I have a pet that you would think would sell for a lot (because it’s breed is no longer in the game; 357 speed Gilnean Raven) but I can’t even get 50,000g for it.

There are two kinds of people when it comes to the AH: people that think they know what something is worth (“Goldmane is just a zone drop and it’s not worth 400k!”) and people that actually know what something is worth. Don’t listen to the first kind. Stick to UMJ and the pulse of your server.

p.s. Off topic but if you want to make money selling pets, what I find works best is buying Anub Idols for 500g, get them to level 25, then sell them for 5000-7000g. It’s very rare that I have to relist an Anub Idol.


There are four of them in the AH right now for 28k ea.

Sure not worth millions since the average price is in the 150k range and there are 39 of them available on US servers.

I used to farm these in Zangramarsh back in tbc… (I think?) they used to sell on the ah for about 200g. I also used to farm the tiny crimson whelplings in wetlands. And the black ones in badlands. (I think the red and black ones drop in different locations now.)

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