Cape 125 hard cap?

Did corruption resistance not go up 3 today? I can’t apply a core to a 125 cape ? Is resistance hard capped at 125 + 10 from Azerite?


That is correct, last week was the final upgrade.

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Just wanted to confirm that is accurate and 125 is the max corruption resistance. Grats on reaching that!


Might be a good time to reduce the obscene cost of the upgrades or allow multiple to be obtained from visions, along with reducing the cost of corruptions given that were in creative mode now.

Nah, you gotta suffer.

No achievement. no change in the cloaks appearance nothing. Hey blizzard do we get anything for having to bore ourselves to death leveling it???

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The reward is the extra corruption resistance. What are you talking about?


Grats on losing it in 15 days.
All effort for nothing.


I was actually surprised that there was no FoS or something.


Yep, you get to use more corruption with less negative side effects :grin:

There is no chance you got on this horse without some idea of where it’d end up stopping.

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uh the cloaks appearance definitely changes when you upgrade it

There 3 changes in its look. When you get it, when you get to…5…10 (I donno), and when you “min-max” at 15. You can then keep getting cores to up it. That’s what op is talking about, making that, not to the 15 lev cape

As for me, time to sell off all my extra gear that has way to much corruption. Would of loved to use it but I don’t wanna run with 100/200 corruption, lol

How about making the Malefic Cores account-bound at 125?


you have the cloak at max level. that is your reward.

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considering just how late in the expansion people are capping out their cloaks, i don’t think a feat of strength would be too much to ask for. saying “you get to use more corruption gear” would be nice if this post wasn’t made likely less than a week before the corruption system is getting removed.

Let it go…

Let BFA die already. PREATPATCH cometh!