Can't use Server Transfer to transfer off "Full" realm

This is the 2nd post I’ve made; the 1st was completely ignored for nearly a week.

I’m trying to server transfer a character off a highly populated realm and I keep getting the error “-This character is still on cooldown for this service.”

I transferred this character to this realm over 2 weeks ago. Isn’t the cooldown before you can do this again 3 days? Why am I getting this error?

The character is Carnela of Area-52.

Is this a Classic realm transfer? That cooldown is 90 days.

Area 52 is a Dragonflight-era realm.

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Gracias-- Classic has too many realms to remember, wasn’t sure if A52 was one of them.

My only other guess is that that initial transfer was also an account transfer, thereby locking them in for 30 days.

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Did you also transfer accounts with that character? If so, I found this in a support article:

In Modern WoW, most cooldowns are 72 hours. However, if a character is transferred to another account, that character will not able to perform an account or realm transfer for 30 days .


I can’t do much better than the answers above :slight_smile: The only thing I can add is that CS can’t over ride the cool downs that are programmed in. So if you are on a 30 day cooldown then that is going to have to finish off on its own.

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Not to mention, but that would be 30 days down to the second.

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Ok this is the answer I was looking for, ty. The initial transfer was an account transfer. Rip me.