Can't use my Covenant Ability outside of the Shadowlands

I’m glad this change isn’t going through, felt kind of needless so thank you for listening. That said…

If this is such a major concern, why not stop creating such limited time systems? I’m sure players would appreciate their power put into evergreen changes to their class, rather than two year cycles.


You seen the reactions about the new conduit mobile f2p energy yet?


Wildly disagree with you. There is no lore reason that skills you know you somehow cant use because Azeroth. If that’s the case, why can we cast fireball on Draenor? It’s an Azeroth ability, my how lore breaking. I can fly in outlands because outlands, but when I hit Azeroth I can’t because Azeroth?

meaning we should also get 1 allied race per covenant.

Thank you for the feedback on how you came to this decision. I agree with this re-assessment; likewise, knowing this information does help the community and me, understand why it was considered in the first place.

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Good, now make Covenant abilities and conduits freely swappable and we can get on with making this a great expac. There have been plenty of reactions to that.


DK’s get their power from the shadowlands. They have since wrath. I don’t think covenant abilities in Azeroth are lore-breaking. Just what they have done to one of the most iconic characters in wow is to me.


The fact this was even discussed about and not just a bug is absolutely terrifying of who’s in charge holy hell LOL.

Ion you know we pay a sub right, and we re buy the game every two years. You can let us have a bit of fun every now and then.


Actually really well said!
Glad to hear this.

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Lore should never be a reason to punish players game-play wise


It happens thanks for thinking on this.

Can you tell us what mindset you had initially with creating so many systems in SL that do not compliment eachother and further complicate the game balance that forced you to push the release date back?


so murloc,naga,arrokoa,orge,jinyu,hozen,dragonflightkin,harpies,SL races as alleid races when?
and third faction for the creatures that are neither alliance nor horde

also its more like WoD, i cant summon my garrison troops outside draenor nor have nagrand mounted combat in all zones and outside draenor, or summon a shredder with its abilities anywhere i want. or mount in all dungeons/caves

I promise you, the only people who want new features to be grounded in the expansions they come out in are the devs themselves. Have you guys ever wondered why “Fun detected” is a Blizzard thing?

This is the WORLD of Warcraft. Not just Shadowlands. I spend like 80% of my time doing old content stuff.

Once again, the only people who think this is a bad thing are the devs themselves. If players have to do a questline to obtain a super cool ability, they will more than happily do it. That’s what the game used to be all about.

Sad hearing that once again we are just getting temporary abilities that magically stop working once the expansion ends. Always 1 step forward, 1 step back. Never any real progress. Fun doesn’t need to be temporary.


Well you see with the introduction of so many systems they’ve been struggling to balance everything which means they needed to nerf everything to catch up on lost time . Which is why instead of just making conduits freely swappable they created a new system to workaround a problem they created.

Wait i don’t remember where I was going with this but meaningful choice.


it won’t feel great to lose something that will have come to feel like a part of your character

You mean like the mists cloak, the wod ring, artifact weapons, legiondaries, tier sets, azerite armor, heart of azeroth?


Don’t forget essences.

No target cap.

I think the best action is to stop with these borrowed power systems and the general over systematisation of WOW, and go back to letting our characters grow and improve naturally.


What this actually means is now those abilities ect will go completely away after shadowlands, the reason they said SL only beside for lore reasons is so they can KEEP it gonig forward instead of deleting it like corruption (if N’zoth didnt really die the corruption going away thing would be completely lore breaking…)

That’s cool, but the feedback is also pretty clear that covenants are garbage in general and the player power is a hindrance to choice instead of enabling it. Does that matter at all?