Cant unlock emeni

So I have the campaign finished on chapter 2 cant seem to go any further till i get R5. I am R3. I did the guide on wowhead at the point where it says

After this, we return to the Seat of the Prime in ! A Place To Call Home. You can then return to Draka in ! At Your Service, which will enable Emeni as a soulbind after completing the soulbinding ritual in ! Never Had A Friend Like Me.

But i completed at your service. But never offered anything for never had a friend like me.


Same thing happened for me. Am I missing something?

Same here. Do we have to unlock the abomb factory first?

Probably a week 1 lockout or a bug. What Renown are you?

Same issue here. Please let me know if you found a solution

I have the same problem… my next campaign quest is for Renown 5, and i have no available quests in my hall.

still have the same issue

I’m also having this identical issue. Is there something else we’re supposed to do?

Edit to above:
According to the Keeper of Renown, unlocking the second soulbind is unlocked at level 7 renown. We haven’t gotten it cause the cap right now is 6.

You need to do the quest chain for her. I believe it starts with “rebellious souls” or something like that. It starts in the sanctum and takes you to the house of constructs where you build her a body and kill some stuff.

I (and I assume others) have done that. She appears now in my soulbind room and chats with me; but is locked as a conduit.

I am testing the theory that we have to make the ‘build a bear’ table, as she started that quest chain.

ahhh. Well I had started the build a bear before i finished her quest chain, so you could be right. But either way I do have access to her now.

I have started my abom factory, done all my quests that she had. She is standing by my soul bind table. I can not get her quest to get her as a soulbind still. I am renown 10. Still nothing. Anything else I might of missed?

Same situation. Did her quest, built the table, I’ve made all but the last of the stitch companions, and I’m friendly with them now, renown 10 - still no quest to unlock Emeni. Main quest wise I’m past the Torghast tutorials and just started the Runecarver quest chain. I figure there’s got to be some kind of bug.

edit - she’s in position next to the soulbind but no quest.

Cant start second soulbind at reknown 13 have her quests completed and abom table completed she sitting next to the soulbind thing with no way to activate her even though I should have been able to long ago…