Can't Unlearn Alchemy Specialization

Alchemy specialization currently can’t be unlearned.
So far:
The old dialogue options have all been removed.
There was supposedly a book in Tanaris that did it during prepatch, but was removed at launch.
The SW trainer doesn’t do anything but offer to train me.
The Transmute Mastery quest for Truegold exists in Cata wowhead, but doesn’t point to an NPC. The comments just say the quest pops up at 475 alch, but I already have a specialization.

I have the same issue, been running around to all the trainers and nothing. Waiting to see if someone has a fix.

same here super annoying!

Same issue here. Even the customer support topic for it, which was updated 4 days ago, still has WotLK info which is out of date. This needs to be addressed

Still having this issue… has anyone found a fix?

Similar? Can’t get Lilassiya to give my alchemist any specialization quests though she is lvl 80 and at 475 alchemy. Is this the same coding issue?