Cant turn off XP

Any reason why we are unable to turn off XP?

Note, this is for my lower-level toons.


Did they kill twinking? :dracthyr_tea:

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I don’t care about twinking. I just like running through to get all the gear I can at level without leveling out of the instances.


How dare you enjoy an aspect of the game other then raids or M+ :roll_eyes::flushed::upside_down_face:


Having the same problem. Curiously though I can remove xp gains SO LONG as I do it on a character under level 50. If they are 50 and over, the option does not appear. It almost feels like they havent updated the Experience Eliminator to be able to remove xp for characters level 50 and up to go along with the Chromie Time update.


Brian Holinka killed that almost 10 years ago.

He put them into their own queue bracket, removed set bonuses from gear after the content was over. Nerfed a lot of stuff with them.

Time travel for the toons does not work very well either. They level out of the content way too fast and you end up one shotting everything in the zone even when you are the lowest level.

Lots of MMOs are getting rid of levels that originally had them in the first place. Works better that way.

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I’m not really sure about the que bracket deal but I never had a problem turning off XP so that I could enjoy the other expansions in Chromie Time until now. I recently came back to do a full playthrough and when I saw the new CT cap was 60 I leveled to 57 then went to turn off xp only for it not to work.

I then tried it on a toon at 49, it worked. Tried it on a 50 toon and it didn’t work. I don’t think it’s intended.


I’ve been impacted by this bug on characters over level 50. They can’t turn off XP gains at the moment.

Was forced to level to 60 while playing the pre-patch content, even though I wanted them to stay level 57 to keep chromie time enabled. So frustrating.

When my ticket finally gets addressed after the 44-day wait time, I’m going to ask them to de-level my character since this is due to their own bug. If they don’t, I’d have to wait 2 years for the chromie time level cap to raise again in the next expansion, so will just quit WoW altogether if it comes to that.


Glad I’m not alone, I can turn off XP for any toon except the one I want to turn it off on. I just wanted my druid herb finder to be able to stay in Chromie.

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I thot twinking was dead like 10 years ago

Ya, it were. Rip cata 70s

The option to disable XP that was available for level 1-49 characters and was scheduled to become available for level 1-59 with the launch of Dragonflight later this month.

A hotfix is currently being worked on which will make it active for levels 1-59 ahead of the release.


XP turns off at max level.


Thanks, that will be cool! Could you please allow an option to disable xp for levels 60-69 in Dragonflight as well? This has previously been available at every level and it is really nice to be able to pause leveling whenever you like.


Appreciate the clarification.

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Super groovy to see this post! Looking forward to more Chromie Time adventures.

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Nope not alone! I was pretty bummed when my Mage hit 57 today and I was like “Alright time to cap the xp and enjoy the xpacs!” annnnd this happened lol.

Ty very much for the response and future Hotfix!

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Good news: I was able to finally turn it off today,

Bad news: All the gear on the toon forgot to get the memo about the new ilvls, so my lvl 57 Chromie Time toon is geared to battle level 10 critters and is being bullied by small flies. Baby steps I guess…


Why cant we turn our XP off between level 60 and 69?