Can't stay connected with game

I have been having issues since December trying to stay connected to the game. Here is a bit of history of what has been happening since Nov 21, my outside cable was replaced …they installed new connections outside too…I was issued a new modem from Comcast…I am hard wired into the Net…I do not use a router either.

Then two weeks later my Cable and TV went down with Comcast…little over 3 hours later it was back up my TV was fine but my Net wasn’t…I couldn’t stay connected to it…I called Comcast and their techs say there is nothing wrong with my modem or my connection even though I keep getting DC from the game and even have issue loading up web pages.

Also during this time I had issue with the Bnet app not working correctly…it kept wanting too download a pre released patch…well I got that fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Now since mid Dec till now I can hardly stay connected…some days I can log in and everything is fine, I might get DC once or twice but other days its constant DC’s all day long.

I have have cleared my DNS…I have rebooted over and over my modem…today I turned off Ipv6 on my system…I turned off optimize speed in game …I have had Comcast reboot the modem…I have speed tested over and over…my plan is 300 Mbps…sometimes the speed test will bottom out and not run cause of not being connected …the next time it runs fine.

I am at my wits end with this now…I am about too just throw it up and get rid of my internet and this game that I have been a member of since 2008…I have never had so much problems like this before.

Today my latency home and world was in the upper 4,000 or higher on and off…then it would go down to upper 400…then back to normal latency of 75 both world and home…

These are the errors I have been getting all day today…blz 51901016 and blz 51900319 …why am I getting two different error messages when I get DC’d. I just did a speed test and speed was 52Mbps…before that it was 352Mbps…

Speed tests will not tell you anything about your ability to connect to the Blizzard servers or most web pages. This absolutely sounds like an issue with the Comcast service, not something specific to WoW. Keep calling until someone swaps out the equipment and checks the lines going to your home.

I just started playing wow again after 3 years and I am having this same issue as this person above but yet my husband in the other room is not. So its not us its you…

This right here actually proves the issues is not on Blizzard’s end, but rather something specific to you. If two people are using the same connection, and one stays connected and the other doesn’t, it absolutely means the issue is happening at a point outside of Blizzard’s control.

It could be a modem issue prioritizing one PC over the other, or it could be outdated drivers. It could also be failing hardware.

You’ll want to start the troubleshooting process as described in the following link:


As stated above, this logic doesn’t make sense at all. You are probably running into one of three problems:

  • Bad network drivers on one PC
  • Two PCs trying to use the same IP on the home network
  • One PC has a short lease time for its IP on the router, causing a refresh every x minutes

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