Can't start Legion questing - No intro quest

I’m coming here in the hopes that I don’t have to go through a GM for this issue. For whatever reason, I cannot find the intro questline to get Legion Dalaran, and therefore any of the attached content. I want to get into Legion for the easy Invasion leveling (especially now), but also want to take a class through artifacts, etc. that I hadn’t yet.

This 107 Rogue is the character I’m attempting to do this on, and he’s largely been leveled up through Timewalking dungeons over many, many months. I did recently do these exact set of quests on another alt to start Legion questing, however, that alt already had the quest sending him to Dalaran. This character did not.

Every guide I’ve found directs me to the Hero’s Call Board, which should then send me to the Stormwind Docks to start the questline. However, those boards don’t seem to function the same way anymore post leveling change in 8.3, and the NPC I ought to be directed to doesn’t exist outside of the phase on said quest. I’m only offered three random zones to quest in that vary from literally every expansion except Legion. I can accept one, and get a new random one, but after taking 24 of them I still wasn’t offered one for Legion, and that random order appears to be pre-set, and these quests go back on the board in said order if I abandon them. Is there no way for me to access Legion content without going back and clearing dozens of old content zones?

I’m really baffled by this. I can’t queue for a Legion dungeon because I don’t have any artifacts, and I can’t get to the Broken Shore to level this character in appropriate content either.

What zones is the Hero’s Board offering? Nothing is ever random, and if we get an idea of the order we may be able to work out more of the problem.
Also, what are you being suggested in your Adventure Journal (you may have to scroll through a few non-quest things)?

I agree your character hasn’t done The Legion Returns which is definitely the quest you need.

Have you tried going to Dalaran and seeing if the NPC to start the Order Hall and Artifact stuff appears for you? I had a character a while back that hit 110 without doing the Artifact/Legion intro and as soon as they hit 110, the quest for the order hall became available without doing the intro. (And trying to do the intro at that point was messed up, so I gave up. I had to get the Dalaran hearthstone from the innkeeper in the Legermain lounge.) It’s possible that trigger is at a lower level now.

Also, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to have done the Legion intro to get access to the Invasions for leveling. (That’s + gathering is how the above mentioned character hit 110.)

The first three I’m offered are Nagrand (AU), Spires of Arak, and and Dread Wastes. So, two from WoD, and one from MoP. If I take those three I’m then offered a similar spread: Talador, Gorgrond, and Towlong Steppes. Taking just Talador and Gorgrond gives me three new ones, for some reason: Valley of the Four Winds, Kun-Lai Summit, and Uldum. So now two MoP, and one Cata. Taking all three results in: Krasarang Wilds, Towlong Steppes (back again now), and Deepholm.

So I guess the pattern is two from one expansion, and one from the immediate previous one. The problem is that it starts in WoD and only goes backwards, even though my character is Legion eligible.

This only directs me to Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, and secondary professions on the left-side scroll portion. The top right panel suggests I join a random Legion dungeon with a button to do so, but I can’t actually queue for that due to the lack of an artifact. The bottom right panel just suggests professions.

I suppose I at least have the alternate solution to level through battlegrounds, though I’m not really a fan of the idea, and I imagine it’s not going to go well without an artifact.

I am already 120 and tried to do the Legion/Class Hall intro today. After skipping the scenario, I was ported to Dalaran but I had no quest to turn in for the Dalaran hearthstone. Got it from the innkeeper, used it and still didn’t get the Class Hall intro. Logged out and back in, turned low level quest tracking on, can’t find it.

Seems to be a recurring issue, I don’t know how long it’s been going on :frowning:

FWIW, I dinged 98 on a character today and went to org to get the Legion starting quest.

Did not get the quest to talk to the npc until I logged out in org and then logged back in.