Cant start legion after a 120 boost

I recently boosted this shaman to 120 and wanted to go back and do legion. I was able to do the broken shores quest and speak with anduin after, which then sent me to talk with the demon hunters. After talking to them i never got the next quest is this a bug or is there somwthing else ment to happen?

Make sure to be tracking “Trivial Quests”.

From what I can see, Miseis, the Whirlwind in Dalaran should approach you to allow you to start your Artifact Questline.

However, I believe you may also have the quest " Calling the Council" available in Deadwind Pass. If it is not, talk to Archivist Elysiana inside the Violet Citadel. She will offer the chance to ‘experience the Broken Shore’ i.e. the intro quests. Agree and it will spawn Recruiter Lee in Stormwind, enabling you to either complete the quests or skip the quests again and take ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ successfully.


I found calling the council when i toggled on trivial quests, but now i can’t get to the specific portal needed to start the dalaran teleport. I’ve already completed the broken shore as well.

Did you try talking to Archivist Elysiana inside the Violet Citadel in Dalaran?

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yes, she only has the option to see magni’s old adventures.

Mind if I take a look, Miseis? If you are able to switch to another character I can poke around and see what the issue may be. Just let me know if that’s okay and when you have switched.

character’s logged out, feel free to have a look and thanks in advance.


Alright, go ahead and log in. You should have the Dalaran Hearthstone in your bag.


thank you for helping me fix this.



I have the same issue as the OP and follow ya’lls instructions but mine still busted. In my case I boosted a Demon Hunter

If I’m not mistaken, I think Demon Hunters still have to finish their faction introductory stuff before they can continue with non-current content.

Make sure you’re tracking trivial quests on the minimap.

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I do have the trivial tracking. But how do you do the faction introductory stuff on a boosted toon?

By going to the main capital city for that faction and looking for either this quest for Alliance, or this quest for Horde.

Each of them are a short four- or five-quest chunk that should open everything else up for you.


No Saurfang for me. Sylvannas is the warchief on the way everyting is set up :frowning:

I may be thinking a little further behind where you might be, it seems.

Have you had a look at this article to see if there’s a step you haven’t taken?

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Yup, gone over that article, read it a couple of times and is still not letting me do anything. Even the Dala heartstone is bugged.

Do any of Vrak’s insights from yesterday help? Just switch to the Horde equivalent, if that’s their faction.

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My quest for “The Legion Returns” worked. After that quest, I was directed to outside of org for “To be Prepared”. I am supposed to interact with some NPCs but they are all phased out which in a sense has me locked up. Had sent tickets but two of the GMs that have assisted me where not of much help :frowning: