Can't skip shadowlands campaign

I have completed the Shadowlands campaign and all 9 chapters of my first covenant. I’m trying to skip the campaign on another character but Fatescribe Roh-Tal only has one dialogue option, “What is the purpose?”

I saw in the forums that someone had a similar problem and customer service suggested they file a ticket since they had the necessary achievements. I submitted a ticket and got an automated response directing me here. Please help, I don’t want to do it again.

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I’m afraid you will have to. Threads of Fate was removed with yesterday’s reset for characters that hadn’t already begun so.

That being said, Shadowlands is no longer the only option to level from 50 to 60 as it has been rolled into Chromie’s offerings.


Not entirely:

[Emphasis mine]

I was able to skip the leveling campaign via Threads of Fate on my level 60 evoker.


I was wondering why it let my evoker do threads of fate!

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Because they are already at lvl 60. any alt below max lvl will not be able to choose threads of fate.


thank you, i was trying to figure out what i had screwed up on 2 of my alts… well… great…

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Came to the forums to figure out what was going on. Leveling a warrior atm. Got her to 52 in Azeroth and then decided to do some Shadowlands to work on another covenant (or get it started at least). Learned that it won’t let me skip the Campaign. I am sad. :frowning:

Does this mean if I hit 60 on an alt and come back to Shadowlands I can pick up threads of fate?



That was available on my Drakthyr so it should be available only to a level 60.


There does seem to be a bit of confusion circling that feature, yes.

It was removed for leveling, but not for level 60s choosing their covenant.


For leveling, yes. You can still engage in Threads of Fate at level 60 to skip the leveling campaign as long as you’ve done it at least once on the account.

EDIT: You can find the fatescribe to talk to for turning on Threads of Fate just outside Oribos’ inn, to the east.

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I stand corrected i will remve my post.

Few months down the line from the post but, a character that I did enter Shadowlands pre-level 60 and did the intro and a few of the Oribos quests before heading to Bastion and stopped to level elsewhere does not have the option to skip now that they are 60.

So I guess its bugged that if you went there at some point and return at higher level then it still makes you do the campaign regardless of your level.

The option was removed when Dragonflight launched.


They’re referencing this:

Yet, the person I replied to did not realize that which is why I let him know. I had already told the OP that they could still pick up threads of fate on a level 60.

I understand. I was merely sharing the information with Rufflebottom.

Im not sure this is still true. Like do i have to have my character at level 70? ive tried to do threads of fate for my level 60+ characters and its hit or miss if they can do it