Can't show illusion on offhand legion artifacts

big bummer. hoping it gets fixed.

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You’ve never been able to put illusions on any off-hands.

edit: offhand weapons.

Are you selecting to use the artifact appearance by going to the artifact tab. Or are you selecting the appearance in the weapon type category?

For example on enhancement shaman if i got to the artifact tab and select one of the doom hammer apeances it also applies the associated off hand. If i instead selt the doom hammer appeance in the mace tab i can then go to the off hand and select a section doom hammer for that hand.

This is an Issue for feral as well, as i am carrying a 2H weapon (my only choice), i can only select artifact weapon if i want to mog my polearm into Fangs of Ashmane daggers because i cannot mog a Polearm into daggers, i can only mog it to 2h maces, staffs or other polearms .

I use one hand sword main and offhand. Sadly, the offhand illusion doesn’t show.

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When I try on the illusion on an offhand artifact (tested with my Rogue), the illusion doesn’t show up in the transmog UI, but it DOES show up on the character after I apply the mog. Test for yourself and see if it works for you as I describe. Here’s my Rogue to show what I mean:

You can see that the Berserking illusion doesn’t show up in the transmog UI, but does show up on the character after I apply.


you’re correct!

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Was also having this issue but this works!

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some artifacts are still bugged for me, the thunderfury artifacts in particular

Bugged how? As in they wont take the illusion on the offhand? the mainhand? both?

And if you can get the illusion to take on the mainhand, can you put your off hand weapon into your mainhand, apply the illusion, and then put it back in your offhand?

bugged as in, the main hand thunderfury artifact only shows sinswrath illusion, like I can’t change it. it won’t go away. the icon that you click to change the weapon enchantment says “this weapon appearance cannot be transmog’d with enchants”

Yea I’d definitely bug report that.

cant put an illusion on the fangs of ashamane at all, just wont tmog, similar issue with certain illusions on the monk mage tower