Cant report player

How do I report a player with an offensive name if I cant target them or whisper them to report in game?

Not ideal but u can email with name realm and details if theres a better option id love to hear it.

Yeah I think ill try that if nobody can provide a better solution. Would have liked to keep it within the correct department but meh, working with what ive got here. Thanks.

Just dont post the name here its not the apropriate place to report a player.

For this, you need to put in a ticket. There isn’t a specific option for it as they prefer that you right-click report them, but if that’s not an option just be sure to include that you couldn’t in your ticket.

Here’s the ticket option I would go with:

Note that the hacks e-mail is only for reporting hacks. They won’t action an account for an inappropriate name there.


I would agree. It’s not ideal, as the right click report option is preferred, but there are limitations to that system.


And if the name doesn’t get changed? I reported a person that I found on the auction house with an offensive name on 7/14. It’s 8/6 and there’s still items with the same name on the “Crafted by” tag rather than being changed to, say, “Crafted by: PlayerABCDEF”.

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I wonder if the crafted by tag would be changed after a players name is forced changed, or even if they paid for a name change, or if once crafted it stays the same.

If you have found the players name was changed, and the tag on the crafted by is still the same, if a bug report would be needed.

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It does. There was a rather infamous incident where there was someone named “Mecha<toy>” crafting gear and putting it on the auction house, where <toy> is something wildly inappropriate for the game. The character’s name (and all ‘Crafted by’ tags created by that character) got changed to “PlayerDGKCVS” a few days after someone filed a ticket about it.

EDIT: Changed the six letter string to what the person actually got named to. Not sure if I should link to the reddit post, though, since it has the full, inappropriate name in the thread itself, and links to the original thread with said full, inappropriate name in an image.

EDIT 2: For reference, it was first posted to reddit on 12/6/2020, and the name was changed around 12/12/2020.

One thing to take into consideration is that some people don’t learn.

If the system is set to change that tag to a system-assigned temporary name, and if the player simply opts to ignore the warning and rename to the same name that was reported in the first place, stands to reason it wouldn’t really appear to have changed to an onlooker.

True, though I’ve been no-lifing the AH pretty hard. I think I’d have noticed if there were suddenly a bunch of items with ‘Crafted By’ tags of “PlayerABCDEF” instead of the inappropriate name I reported on 7/14, even if it were just for a very short time.

Did you re-report the name? It’s possible that they just changed it to the same thing again, or a slight variation. I’m pretty sure if they do that they risk an even harder penalty the second time.

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No, it’s the exact same name that I reported on 7/14. I’m filing a ticket on it now.