Can't post in some sections of the forum, says no active subscription?!?

I tried to post in the guild recruitment section and it gave me the error “You need an active World of Warcraft subscription to post on this forum.”

My subscription is definitely still active. I’m logged in right now in the background as I type this (lvl 60 character, not a trial account). I was last billed on the 15th, one week ago.

Any idea why all of a sudden the forum incorrectly thinks that I don’t have an active subscription???

Check your subs on the Bnet page. You likely had a 6-month and month-to-month and one is active and one isn’t. Probably just need to update billing info.

Try logging out of the forums entirely and then logging in again. Sometimes it just needs that little refresh to nudge things back into place. It sounds stupid, but you’d be surprised when that fixes the majority of posting issues.

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Logging out and back in did the trick, thanks.

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