Can't play zandalari troll.. why?

Everything is ‘red’ when I mouse over the requirements.

However, I did them all on my main… and I checked it’s been done the exalted and the achievements…

What am I missing please someone help.,

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It might help if you gave us the server and name of the character(s) with the achievements and rep so we can see if you are missing something. (Using the wowhead profiler on your posting character shows the quest achievement complete on the account, but not the rep one — but I don’t know if it’s just not showing up for the charcter you’re posting on.)

When you say stuff is showing up as red, I assume you mean the requirements when you click the banner in the embassy? If not, where are you seeing the requirements are red?

Have you tried going to the embassy on the character that has the achievements? What do they see?

Did you do the recruitment quest? That seems to the thing a lot of people miss. You get the quest from Rokhan in the Horde Embassy in Orgrimmar.

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As stated above…if you did all the requirements and on the character creation screen all are still red…you probably did not to the final step / quest to actually unlock them…where they talk and “join” your faction.
then you will have access.

SEen the same on my end. My horde main had all the requirement done long ago. NEw races drop and was still all red. Just had to actually get the Zanda to meet up with horde to “start”.

I’m having trouble too. I’m on Cairne server. My character is Crahe. I can’t even get in. It tries to load but doesn’t get past the load screen. U can play on other characters though

If it’s just one character, it usually means there’s something wrong where the charcter is in the world. This can be a widespread problem, such as one of the world servers being down. (Then any characters on a particular continent will have issues, and you just need to wait it out.)

It can also happen if your character is stuck somewhere out of bounds. Occasionally, things like blink and the demon hunter dash and leap can do this. I also had the issue where I had a character’s hearthstone in Brill and used it after doing the Battle for Lorderon scenario where Brill was phased into the plauged version. In those cases, usually after trying a few times the game will wise up and port the character to a safe spot and complete the load screen. If it doesn’t, you can put in a “stuck” ticket on a character you can log into. Just make sure to include the character and server of the affected character.

Not sure if this is your case, but when I unlocked Zul Tiran I had everything at exalted had the the achievement show completed. But I did not realize I had to do a mythic dungeon to complete the storyline for BFA. I am not sure if there is an equivalent dungeon run required on the horde side since I have just started playing Horde recently. So that might be it also.